(No Keelhauling on Sept. 19th)

(No Keelhauling on Sept. 19th)








Aye, ‘tis the perfect time for expandin’ your language, it is.  Here are some choices for the coming weeks: Talk Like a Politician, Talk Like a Foul-Mouthed Middle-Schooler…or Talk Like A Pirate and do some good.

September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, a holiday created in 1995.   It remained a low-key event until 2002 when humor columnist Dave Barry covered it in a syndicated article.   As he wrote, “There comes a time in a man’s life when he hears the call of the sea.  If the man has a brain in his head, he will hang up the phone immediately.”    (I’ll add that the same is probably true for a wench, the pirate word for lady, although a man should not risk using this term loosely around a lady who is stronger than he is…)

Next Monday is a good excuse to ignore politicians and foul-mouthed kids.   Instead, have some fun swaggering around, talking like Jack Sparrow and enjoying a free donut at Krispy Kreme. (Google Talk Like a Pirate for vocabulary words, and check to see if your Krispy Kreme is participating.)

Even more important than costumes and fun, Talk Like A Pirate Day has also become a day to raise funds for charity organizations such as Childhood Cancer Support and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

On September 19, “Put On Your Pirate”—in costume or attitude, sprinkle in a few choice pirate words—and drink a toast to Grog on Your Furner.   (FYI—translated, that’s to lift a glass of your favorite pirate drink on your own ship…not a ship you stole or plundered.)

And while the Grog has you in a generous mood, be a good pirate and make a donation to a worthy charity of your choice.  Alzheimer’s Research is a worthy cause, just in case you need one.

Pirate and Skull and crossbone donuts at participating Krispy Kreme

Pirate and Skull and crossbone donuts at participating Krispy Kreme


Disney's Jack Sparrow, (Johnny Depp).

Disney’s Jack Sparrow, (Johnny Depp).




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26 responses to “GROG ON YOUR FURNER

  1. I’m so sick of politics, I think I’ll skip that day, Marylin. 😦 But I do love to talk like a pirate! 🙂 xo

    • Actually, just between us, Jill, there is no talk like a politician day. I just created two awful alternatives so everyone would choose Talk LIke A Pirate. Plus, this serves some good charities, too.
      The US and parts of Canada have Krispy Kremes that will give away free donuts decorated for Talk Like a Pirate Day, so you might score double the fun! 😉

  2. juliabarrett

    I can’t talk like a pirate! I have an unhealthy fear of pirates – Captain Hook ruined Talk Like A Pirate Day for me. 😦

    • You need a donut fix to get your sugar high and your courage strong, Julia! 🙂

      • juliabarrett

        I was thinking that, Marylin! I’m going to find a doughnut shop! How does one spell doughnut? Usually donut, right?

      • Do you have a Krispy Creme nearby? Most are offering free donuts (see the pictures at the end of the post–they look like fun!). But you have to either have on Pirate attire to get the free donut OR say a few Pirate words, which are actually pretty easy; there are a couple on this post, plus a long string of them if you Google Talk Like A Pirate. This way you get a free donut, AND you take the first step to overcoming your fear of Pirates. It’s a win-win, Julia. 🙂

  3. Nancy Parker Brummett

    Argh! I’ll have to start practicing!

  4. Fiddlers Green is supposedly the private heaven where pirates be goin’ when they die, if that inspires you, Nancy. Don’t be Lily-livered (faint o’ heart) about jumping in like a good Lass! 😉

  5. Well shiver me timbers wench, I’m up for ignoring politicians every day.
    xxx Mammoth Hugs xxx

    • Landlubber I am, living in Colorado (and raised in Kansas), I am definitely not a Scallywag, David, or willing to Walk the Plank for Talk LIke A Pirate Day. But I will donate to the fundraisers for cancer research and Alzheimer’s cures. Massive hugs to you! ❤

  6. What fun! I must dust off my pirates costume!!

    • You have a pirate costume, Darlene? Come on, just between us, are you sure it’s not a lusty Wench outfit? 😉

      • It’s actually a pirate costume. I made one for hubby and one for me one year for a Halloween party! I have had good wear out of it. I even dragged it to Spain and my 9-year-old friend loves to put it on when she visits and we play pirates. Perhaps I should make a lusty wench outfit! Wish I could attach a picture here.

  7. You don’t strike me at all as a prim lady, but I have to chuckle when you refer to “talking like a pirate,” salty language to be sure.

    When Curtis started 6th grade he mentioned hearing so much vulgar language and curse words. “It’s shocking, Nana,” he said.

    Clever way to encourage charitable donations though, Marylin.

    • Nope, not all that prim at all, but I do try to be decently proper, Marian. 😉
      Did Curtis say if the “shocking” vulgar language in 6th grade was in the classroom reading materials and lessons, or out in the halls and in the cafeteria and the gym class? Surely, it wasn’t from Pirates or teachers. 🙂
      I’m first in line to give to deserving charities. ❤

      • He never clarified, but I think he meant among the students who bandied about 4-letter words for their shock value. His school has decent and proper reading materials and lessons, or so I think. 😉

      • The big test seems to be middle school, Marian, when they’re like puppies awkwardly growing into long legs, snarls and growling barks as they try out their new evolving selves. It’s when shocking words become part of Curtis’ general sentences that you’ll see how the school influence is coming along. 😉

  8. Well, you have made me very hungry for a Krispy Kreme donut Marilyn. 🙂 The donut chain used to be here but they left several years ago. The only time I get to have one now is when I visit my sister in North Carolina. What a cute article! I love the idea of talking like a pirate. Maybe someday Penny will dress up like one for Halloween and we will get to practice. Xo

    • I was surprised to learn that Krispy Kremes are throughout North America, as well as Australia, the UK, Lebanon, Turkey, India, Puerto Rico, Japan and China. But there’s no long one closer to you than North Carolina, Joanne!
      You and Penny–give it a few years–will have to get matching Pirate costumes and take a field trip to a Krispy Kreme for free donuts! 😉
      What fun THAT would be! ❤

  9. Ahoy Matey, Marylin. After all it’s talk like a pirate day. What a fun post. 👍

  10. No Krispy Kreme here – is that really how they spell their name, I’d tip them the black spot – the lubbers. Glad to see the call for pieces of eight to go to charities. Our daughter was in a dragon boat race festival last week. It was in aid of Child Cancer research and programs. Thankfully I didn’t spot any pirates amongst the boats – our daughters was an all wench team – they did really well and won an award for their boat raising over ten thousand dollars. Fun post.

    • I watched scenes of the Dragon Boat Races for Child Cancer Research on TV, Rod; was your daughter’s team in that one? What a terrific fundraiser. There are Krispy Kremes all over the US, select places in Canada, and in several other counties. Good donuts, but of course not very healthy… 😉

  11. Jim

    Shiver me timbers, matey! Yer blog make an ole land lubber save doubloons for some grog on the 19th. Yo ho ho and a bottle of iced-tea!

    • But it’s just as well that we didn’t go for Krispy Kremes, or this wench would be w-a-a-y off her healthy eating plan! And today, with the grandkids here, the grog was definitely sweet tea! ❤ ❤ ❤

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