H. U. G. , not shrug

(...and your dad, too)   Keep Calm posters from Pinterest

(…and your dad, too)
Keep Calm posters from Pinterest



Hug now, while you can.  This 2001 "Group Hug" was before my dad's Alzheimer's and my mom's dementia/

Hug now, while you can. This 2001 “Group Hug” was before my dad’s Alzheimer’s and my mom’s dementia.

I smiled as I read the banner that floated outside the children’s center: hugs Help You Giggle    Below that was this message:  Help Someone Giggle On June 29th ~ Give Hugs, Not Shrugs

This Wednesday is “Hug Holiday: Give Hugs to Those Who Need Them”    The truth is, we all need a little help sometimes.   On June 29th, be generous with your hugs, or if you’re not big on hugging, then reach out with a smile.   Little acts of kindness can make a big difference.

If a picture is really worth a thousand words, then this week’s brief post is actually 4,000 words. The message: Read Less, Hug More.

give a hug

When in doubt at dress-up occasions, give a hug.

When in doubt at dress-up occasions, give a hug.


hug a puppy

Scout is growing up, but she's still our hugging puppy.

Scout is growing up, but she’s still our hugging puppy, and this makes us very happy.


When someone is nervous and really hoping for something, cross your fingers, touch hands, and hope together.

When someone is nervous and really hoping for something, cross your fingers, touch hands, and hope together.





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41 responses to “H. U. G. , not shrug

  1. Marylin, I grew up in a hugging family. The Greeks love to hug and kiss hello and goodbye. Hugging is so important and makes us feel loved. I hug and kiss Penelope often. Thank goodness she doesn’t mind. Thank you for letting me know there is a “hugging holiday”!

    • Like either of us needs a holiday to hug, right? 😉
      I hug and kiss our grandchildren, our daughter and son-in-law, our puppy, and Jim often, too, probably more often than the grandchildren want now that they’re almost 12 and 13, but they return the hugs.
      Have a great weekend, Joanne

    • Molly

      Hugging should be a part of everyday life, for everyone! So glad you share that!

      • Joanne REALLY shares it, Molly. She has a darling baby granddaughter, Penelope. Hmm…how much hugging did we do with our grandbabies? And even now? 😉

  2. My German-Canadian family was a very huggy family too. Hugs are so important. Happy Hug Day!!! We just got a puppy so we are getting lots of hugs as well.

    • You got a puppy, Darlene? Oh, what kind, what’s her/his name, and are you about worn out? 😉 Scout was our first puppy in decades, and we’d forgotten about all that was involved, but we’ve never been sorry we got her.

      • Her name is Dot and she is 8 months old. She is a Bodeguero, a Spanish version of a Jack Russell. I will blog about her soon. She isn’t too much work but we take her for 4 walks a day so I am getting some much needed exercise!

      • Our Scout is 8 months old now, too, Darlene. She’s Beagle/border collie/other breeds mix, and she keeps us busy…and laughing. There’s nothing like a puppy to change your routines! 🙂 I’ll look forward to your blog about Dot.

  3. I’m a big hugger, Marylin, so I loved this. Your pictures are wonderful, especially the one with you and your parents…how cute you were! Your grand children are looking adorable too! xo

    • When I look at that picture of me visiting my parents, Jill, I can feel my mom’s hand patting my back and see the late-afternoon stubble on my dad’s face. My family was very big on hugging, and now, with my dad gone after all the years of Alzheimer’s kept him scared and angry and confused about who we were, I look at pictures like these and cherish all those better times.

  4. Janet Armstrong

    I really love hugs. My nine year old granddaughter gave me a coupon for my birthday for unlimited hugs with no expiration date. I framed the coupon and told her I would always have it when I needed a hug. Love her thoughtfulness, creativity and her HUGS.

  5. This hits the spot today. Our family and friends are big huggers. After all, I live in the South. 🙂

    I especially liked the last picture, a hopeful gesture for making it through all the snafus as we move. This week I also heard about “shrug” therapy as an antidote to stress: Lift your shoulders, raise your hands, and say, “It’ll be all right.”

  6. Jim

    Sweet pictures of Scout and the kiddos. We definitely are a hugging family. Puppy Scout already knows a word for it: Just say, “CUDDLE?” and she comes running for loves. Maybe you could introduce ‘hugs’ to your writing group next Wednesday since it will be “Hug Holiday”!

    • As everyone arrives for Wednesday’s writing group, I already greet them at the door with a hug. But this Wednesday–since it is officially “Hug Holiday,” we will toast the special day and hug again. It sets a good tone and starts serious writing work with a smile. 🙂
      “Cuddle?” is perfect for Scout, honey. Since she was a puppy, whenever we wanted to get her attention, all we had to do was wrap our arms around each other and hug, and she came running, wanting to participate! Just like Maggie did. Hugs are good for humans and dogs! ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Molly

      Oh puppy snuggles and cuddles really are the best…especially now that she doesn’t “nibble”!

      • I still laugh when I think of Scout’s first visit to Kansas with us. She was 10 weeks old, and you calmed her down by carrying her and singing…and blowing on her face when necessary. 😉 And my sweetest memory with Grace was when she told her Grandpa and Mor Mor to BOTH go out to eat with you and Gannon (Trevor was at work), that she would puppy-sit Scout so we could have a “date.” ❤ Yep, hugging and snuggling and showing love is part of our family tradition!

  7. My family and friends n Germany was not a hugging family. When I taught first grade hugs were very important and freely given.

  8. Nancy Parker Brummett

    There’s no such thing as too many hugs! Thanks, Marylin.

  9. Hugs!!! Oh how I love them! Thanks you for telling me that June 29th is Hug Holiday! I will be sure to give lots of hugs and savor each one I receive in return! Have a fabulous week, Marylin and I hope your week is filled with enjoyable hugs!

  10. So yesterday was hug day. I participated! 🙂 My family of origin did not hug when I was growing up, but I had college friends who loosened me up and helped me encourage my family to hug more. Now we do! My little granddaughter is especially good with hugs — running to greet me, then arms around neck and a real squeeze that lingers. Sweetness personified. I could use one of those right now! Will have to settle for Facetime on Sunday morning. Here’s an electronic hug for you! (())

    • And an electronic hug for you, too, Shirley! 😉
      I’m still imagining the bubble-wrapped family picture of your family bouncing off of each other, and that has to count, too.
      But “sweetness personified” is the perfect description of hugs from our grandchildren. I love it.

  11. Molly

    Mom, I always thought that all families hugged as much as we did. As I have grown up I realize that is not the case! 😟 Because this is the reality, I make sure that all my (special needs) students get all the hugs and positive touches that they need everyday! Although it breaks my heart to realize they aren’t getting them during summer break! Hopefully I gave enough during the school year to hold them over!

    Thanks for always giving enough hugs!!! Love you so much!

    • Our family will always be huggers, Molly. And when you were 2 1/2 and started early at Little Folks pre-school, you were the child who stepped up with a smile and a hug to greet the new children who were nervous to start pre-school.
      Grandma was so proud of you and your natural reaction to comforting and encouraging others. I wish she could understand all you do now and the difference you make with your special needs students. She would want to come and teach with you. Love you so much, too, sweetie! ❤

  12. Gannon


    I will always give hugs to you and grandpa and Scouters. I love you!


  13. Grace

    Mor-mor I know I don’t always give hugs to great grandma, but I still love her a lot! I like learning more and more about her through your blog! Thank you for making sure that me and Gannon can know all about her! I love you lots and lots! Can’t wait to see you very soon!


    • Someday, Grace, with your skills you and Gannon will be writing and telling the memory stories so they’re not forgotten. When I see you soon, we can talk about The 5th Wave, the book you had me read. And I’ll be bringing you a book to read! Love you lots and lots and lots! 🙂 ❤

  14. Aww dear Marylin, sometimes nothing is better than a great big hug and I wish I could give you one right now. What wonderful family photos and such happy memories. Hugging is one of the best things we can do, and as often as possible. Hugs are way better than shrugs 🙂 I will miss you so much as I disappear from blogging for the summer, but I will check in with you when I can. Thank you so much for all the wonderful hugs you send me…they warm my heart and bring smiles to my day. I’ll see you soon my dear friend 🙂 ❤

  15. Sending a special HUG to you across the ocean, Sherri, plus much love and support for this writing hiatus. You’re in my thoughts and prayers for this to be a truly special time for you. ❤

  16. Jane Sturgeon

    ❤ pouring from you and your words Marylin. Hugs and ❤ help the world to flow and kindness….flowing kindness….so much ❤ to you and yours. xXx

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