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When I visited my mother recently, I delivered two gifts from her great-granddaughter.   One was a package of Lemonades, and these shortbread cookies with lemon icing were for Grace’s Mor-Mor-Mor (my mom).   The other was a package of Thanks-a-Lot, chocolate-iced cookies with the message of Thank You (in five languages) baked into the shortbread side. These were for my mother’s caregivers, and Grace had made a sign thanking them for taking good care of her great-grandmother.

This tradition of expressing gratitude by giving Thanks-a-lot cookies began long before Grace was old enough to be a Girl Scout. When she was just a toddler, Molly and the kids bought packages of Thanks-a-lot cookies.  They  took them to the police station to give to the Dispatchers, thanking them for keeping their daddy safe while he was on duty.

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies as their fundraiser since 1933.   In WWII they also sold calendars because of the shortage of flour, butter and sugar.   Tomorrow is Girl Scouts Day.   For the next week, if you know of a Daisy, Brownie or Girl Scout who is selling cookies to offset troop expenses and fund camp and other activities, buying a box or two is a good way to show your support.

In addition to Thanks-a-lot cookies in five languages, here are some of my favorite quotes in English about feeling—and expressing—gratitude.

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.” ~Meister Eckhart (German theologian and mystic in the 1300s)

“Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” ~A.A. Milne, WINNIE THE POOH

“Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.” ~Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” ~William Arthur Ward, FOUNTAINS OF FAITH

And for those of you who are fans of Anne Lamott’s book BIRD BY BIRD, she has another book also destined to become a classic: HELP, THANKS, WOW—The Three Essential Prayers.

two pkgs of cookies

Asante Thank You cookies

Gracias cookies



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42 responses to “THANKS A LOT

  1. juliabarrett

    I’m grateful for you, Marylin- your wisdom and your generosity. I’m also grateful for your mother and your father, not only for your sake, but I’m grateful such good people came into the world.

  2. Aw, thank you so much, Julia. That is so sweet, and I’m grateful for the kind support you’ve shown for my mother these past several years. Thank you.

  3. Molly

    The Girl Scouts of America have made it fun and easy to tell someone Thanks A Lot!!! I always buy extra packages of these. I use them to give to Grace and Gannon’s teachers, to the Paras who work in my classroom, and to my supervisors after they have helped me. This is far and beyond more fun to give (and receive) than a card or a verbal thank you!

    Thanks Mom for remembering this fun tradition and sharing it with your readers!

  4. I am grateful for your kindness and love that you share with us. Thank you!

  5. Marylin, what a lot I have to thank your Mom for as she brought you into my life. What a lot to get my head round this morning since we’ve never heard of either of these cookies (biscuits) here and of course our Brownies and Girl Guides don’t sell cookies door to door to fundraise either.
    The quotes are excellent and no-one could read Piglet’s and remain unaffected. A good lesson for children of all ages.
    Wishing you a Wonderful Weekend
    xxx Ginormous Hugs xxx

    • Your comments are so sweet, David.
      In America, the Girl Scout annual cookie sales keep doorbells ringing, and there are many tables set up by the girls and their leaders outside grocery stores. For awhile Thin Mints and Peanut Butter cookies were the main leaders, but the Thanks-a-lot have caught up. Plus, everyone loves a delicious chocolate shortbread as a thank you. I wish I could send you a package, David; you deserve many thanks. Ginormous Hugs back to you! ❤

  6. Thank you for this wonderful post. I love all the quotes and those Thanks-a- lot cookies are wonderful. I don´t recall seeing them in Canada and haven´t seen any girl guide cookies here in Spain. (even though the message is in Spanish too I see) They are hubbies favourite and I would have loved to buy him the Thanks-a-lot cookies. How sweet of your granddaughter to remember her great grandmother and her care givers. Hugs to all. ❤

    • Yes, the cookies do have a message in Spanish, too! These cookies are fun to eat AND to use to teach “thank you” in several languages, Darlene.
      My granddaughter Grace is very thoughtful and sweet, and even though her great-grandmother didn’t realize who had sent the cookies, I’m sure she enjoyed them. Hugs to you, too, especially on your birthday, Darlene!

  7. I’m a huge fan of Ann Lamont, Marylin. How did I not know about this book? I’m grateful for you, your mother, and your beautiful posts!
    “Among the things you can give and still keep are your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.” Love this! xo

    • I don’t know why this book of Lamott’s didn’t get the promotion her books usually get, Jill. I enjoyed it very much. And these quotes on this post are some of my favorites. I’m glad you enjoyed them, too. ❤

  8. What thoughtful gifts Marylin and a good reminder to be grateful – I do love the Piglet quote. We don’t have thanks a lot cookies here – I think maybe someone should start 🙂

  9. Wonderful post, Marylin, and a good reminder. I’m sure the dispatchers were touched by receiving the gift of cookies to thank them for their work.
    I don’t remember either of those types of Girl Scout Cookies. I thought the Girl Scout cookie sales were over for the year. I know I saw some stands a couple of weeks ago.

    I love the quotations, especially Piglet’s, and I enjoy Anne Lamott’s writing.

    • The dispatchers really do an important job in supporting and protecting the police, Merril. And I remember Molly saying how touched they were to have a police officer’s little red-headed daughter and son bring in gifts of Thanks-a-lot cookies. Sometimes we don’t realize how important it is to thank other for what they do.

  10. Keeta Middleton

    Made me smile,agree and contemplate! Thanks

    Sent from my iPad


  11. Although I have not eliminated all the cookies in my life, I have been passing up Girl Scout cookies trying to be good for my health! So I am way behind. I did not know about these cookies at all. New ones since I looked!!! I will have to check them out…thanks for informing me of something new. Have a good weekend ahead.

    • I hope you can find some of these cookies, Claudia. They’re delicious, and if you share a few with an elderly neighbor or someone who needs a smile, this never fails. You have a good weekend, too! 😉

  12. I, too, have never heard of ‘Thanks-a-lot’ cookies…but I will order them if I can find them…so many people in my life to thank…and I love the idea of the multi-lingual message.
    Your posts,Marylin, are always so inspiring…I’m sorry I’ve been absent…writing sometimes takes over my life. And I’m currently running a contest..yes…a writing challenge…over at my blog. If you have a minute, I’d love for you to come over…and if you have the time, I’d be thrilled to have you do a story…it’s #50PreciousWords…a story for kids ages 12 or under…in 50 words or less. There are over 70 entries already…the deadline is Friday, March 18…and I’d love for you to stop by. 😉
    Happy almost spring, dear Marylin…I can smell the warm earth already and it is so so sweet.

  13. It’s so good to hear from you, Vivian. Here is Colorado, the Girl Scout Thanks-A-Lot cookies are popular, so I hope you can find them in NH.
    Thanks for the heads up about your writing challenge; I will take a look and see if inspiration jumps to attention! 🙂

  14. We’ve got a shelf-full of GS cookies right now. The troops are out in force outside of stores and we can’t seem to pass by without adding to our collection – even when we bought some at the previous stop 10 minutes prior!

    I’ve never seen the Thank You cookies, either – that WOULD be fun to drop them off as gifts to service-providers. Apparently different geographic areas are offered different selections in addition to the core options. I’m sorry to see the shrinkage of the cookies, though – the peanut butter button on the tag-along is flat-lining.

    Thanks for the gratitude quotes – there’s some good makings there for a FB picture or two!

    • Shel, you’re not the first to say there are no Thanks-A-Lot cookies available where you are. What a shame! I just don’t understand it. They’re delicious and so much fun to give (and receive), and for sure they’re available in Kansas and Colorado! For us, if the Girl Scouts sold ONLY Thanks-A-Lot, we’ buy many packages. 🙂

  15. Tammy Heimsoth

    Thank you, my dear Marylin. We loved the cookies and caring thoughts for each and everyone of us. Can not go wrong with girl scout cookies. And we thank you for letting us share friendship and love with a beautiful lady. Have a great spring break with Grace, Gannon and Molly. Please thank each of them for cookies and thank you notes they shared with us. Thanks again, Tammy

    • Tammy, thank YOU for sharing such wonderful love and friendship with my mom. You have always added such charm and warmth to her care, and we all appreciate you very much. Molly is coming for a visit soon, and I hope you’re on duty so she can see you. It’s always such a treat for her. Wishing you a beautiful spring! Hugs! Marylin ❤

  16. Another wonderful post , the quotes are beautiful and and what a great idea to give Thanks -a-lot cookies.

    • They aren’t as wonderful and delicious as the recipes you share, Gerlinde, but Thanks-A-Lot cookies are such a fun and happy way to thank those who deserve something extra sweet! 🙂

  17. Marylin, sadly we don’t have these wonderful cookies here in Canada. What a shame. Thankful cookies is the best idea I’ve come across in a long time. O, and I’m thankful that you write wonderful posts. ❤️

    • And I’m so thankful for you, Tracy. When you featured Grace and Gannon’s Picasso “art” on your post, you made them both so proud of their creative endeavors. Thank you for all your creations you share. ❤

  18. Thank you for a wonderful post, Marylin! I didn’t realize that your grand-daughter is named Grace. My daughter is Grace and she also just sold Girl Scout cookies. The “Thanks-a-Lot” cookies are our favorites! Have a fabulous week!

    • Our Grace Elizabeth is named for my dad’s mother who died when he was just a little boy. She was warm, funny, kind, artistic, and we have heard so many stories about what a wonderful and loving mother she was. When Molly named her daughter Grace, the characteristics continued. When our Grace was a little girl and someone would call her “Gracie,” she would say, “My name is Grace.” We learned from family that her great-great-grandmother Grace did the very same thing. ❤
      I'm so glad Thanks-A-Lot cookies are your favorites, too, Robyn. I can't believe how many are commenting that Thanks-A-Lot cookies aren't available in their Girl Scout choices.

  19. I love Anne Lamott and I love girl scout cookies. I haven’t met a girl scout cookie yet that I didn’t love. Thank you for doing this sweet post. It’s always so good to be reminded to keep gratitude in our hearts. xo

    • Ann Lamott and Girl Scout Thanks-A-Lot cookies are a favorite combination for me, too, Joanne. Add a good cup of coffee, and I’m a happy reader! 😉
      And when it comes to keeping hearts full of gratitude, we grandmas know exactly what that means, right? ❤

  20. I love the idea of the thanks a lot cookies. A little gesture can mean so much. Sweet post, Marylin 😊

    • Since the UK doesn’t have Girl Scout Thanks-A-Lot cookies–and since you are a creative thinker and teacher, Jenny, maybe you and your students could create your own version! 🙂

  21. Nancy Parker Brummett

    Thank YOU. Lovely reminder to be more grateful every day.

  22. You’re welcome, Nancy.
    I’m still grateful for the laughter at your post line when you said that spring weather is more fickle than middle school girls. I love your way with words.

  23. The Piglet quote. ❤ I've never seen a Thanks-a-lot cookie, but now I'll be looking for them. Thanks a LOT for your friendship, Marylin!

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