Thankful for Makahiki, Sarah Hale, and Roto-Rooter

Look for splashes of color on dreary November days. There's always something to be grateful for if you'll look.

(Look for splashes of color on dreary November days. There’s always something to be grateful for if you’ll look for it.)

If one of your Thanksgiving dinner traditions is for everyone around the table to tell what they’re thankful for, in case your favorites are taken before it’s your turn, here are three more.

MAKAHIKI: Long before the Pilgrims, Native Hawaiians celebrated Makahiki, which lasted from November through February.  During this longest thanksgiving in the world, both work and war were forbidden.

Wikipedia picture of the 4-month thanksgiving Hawaiian Makahiki.

(Wikipedia picture of the 4-month thanksgiving Hawaiian Makahiki.)


Sarah Hale

(Sarah Hale ~ more than just author of “Mary Had A Little Lamb”~ Wikipedia picture.)

SARAH HALE (1788-1879): Author of hundreds of poems, including “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” Hale was considered the “Mother of Thanksgiving.”   She convinced President Lincoln to proclaim a national holiday on the last Thursday in November, when harvests were done and elections were over.  She said it would “awaken Americans’ hearts to love of home and country, thankfulness to God, and peace.”

ROTO-ROOTER: This is one of the “practical essentials” to be grateful for after Thanksgiving.  On the true (Stopped Up) Black Friday after Thanksgiving, Roto-Rooter and other major plumbing services are at their busiest, cleaning up sewer problems.

My family wishes your families a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.  If you’re eager to welcome in the Christmas season, feel free to begin singing “Jingle Bells”…which was originally written as a Thanksgiving song.

Abilene, KS h.s. marching band practices in the streets, a happy, musical way to welcome Thanksgiving!

Abilene, KS h.s. marching band practices in the streets, a foot-tapping, hand-clapping, musical way to welcome Thanksgiving! (these two pictures and the top one by Marylin Warner)

This Thanksgiving's special donut at the bakery ~ iced donut filled with pumpkin-spice cream.  Yum!

This Thanksgiving’s special donut at the bakery ~ iced donut filled with pumpkin-spice cream. Yum!



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37 responses to “Thankful for Makahiki, Sarah Hale, and Roto-Rooter

  1. juliabarrett

    Thank you, Marylin. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Makahiki. 🙂

  2. Nancy Parker Brummett

    So many blessings to count! Happy Thanksgiving, Marylin.

  3. Jim

    Oh, my goodness, Mor Mor! Donut . . . Donut! Where’d you hide that scrumptious punkin’ spice donut??? I’m totally grateful if it’s still somewhere in the house! Off to search . . . . . 🙂 ❤

    • Just don’t take Scout with you, honey. If she finds a donut, you know she’ll carry it of with a proud prance and you’ll never catch her. This is our first Thanksgiving with Scout, and though she’s still a handful, the laughter and furry hugs for the entire family make it worthwhile. Our family has so much to be thankful for, at Thanksgiving and always. ❤ U

  4. Here is a song I wrote about Thanksgiving called ‘Plymouth Rock’…bit alternative but if you fancy something different give it a listen to 🙂

  5. I always feel smarter after I read your posts. That’s the truth, Marylin.

    Like the Hawaiians, I wish work and war were forbidden during the Thanksgiving season. In our area Target and other stores are open on Thanksgiving Day, a travesty, in my opinion, especially for the over-worked salespeople.

    Finally, hail to Sarah Hale! 🙂

    • If I’d know about Sarah Hale when they were taking nominations for women on the new $20 bill, she would have made an excellent choice. All the things she fought for are so pitch perfect now to deal with our struggles, Marian.
      I agree about all the over-worked salespeople who have to give up family time, good food and warm laughter, to keep their jobs and be available for those who shop. Travesty is the right word.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Marylin. Penny is in NJ with her parents and grandparents. We are celebrating with my mom, daughter, and grandson. I love your topics and just might share your post! I think Sarah Gale is my favorite. Xoxo Joanne

  7. Your posts always make me smile and feel good, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Marylin.

  8. May you have the Happiest of days today surrounded by the love of friends and family dear Marylin. Happy Thanksgiving.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  9. I never heard that before about Roto Rooter having a field day on the day after Thanksgiving! Your Sarah Hale mention reminded me of the year in grade school I played Sarah Hale in a play for the whole student body in the gym! Hadn’t remembered that for quite a while. I petitioned Lincoln–the whole nine yards. I don’t remember my outfit nor do we have pictures. Have a great weekend, Marilyn.

    • Applause for our very own Sarah Hale actress, Melodie! But you can’t remember what outfit you wore? OhNoOhNo. 😉
      Wishing you a wonderful weekend…will you be re-enacting presenting the petition to Lincoln? What a great story that is.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Marylin xoxoxo

  11. And the same to you, Jenny, even though the UK doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But whatever warm, wonderful and fun family gathering you have on the calendar, I know you’ll make the most of it. ❤

  12. Jane Sturgeon

    ❤ Marylin for you and your lovely family, always ❤

  13. I loved reading about the trivia you shared! The reasoning behind Sarah’s plea to have a Thanksgiving holiday is so appropriate, even today. And who knew, that Jingle Bell’s was originally a Thanksgiving song. Love that!
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family. Happy belated Thanksgiving! XO

  14. Oh, I agree, Robyn. Sarah Hale could have looked directly into a news camera today and proclaimed the same need for Thanksgiving!
    We did have a wonderful day, and hope you and your family did, too. We’ll be eating the leftovers all weekend, which is just the way we like it! ❤

  15. Marylin, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. As always I enjoyed reading your post.

    • It was wonderful, Gerlinde, and I hope yours was, too. You created such gourmet desserts that the donut with the pumpkin-spice cream center seemed like, well, just a donut. I imagine you came up with some stunning desserts! 😉

    • We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Gerlinde, and I hope you did, too. The pumpkin-spice cream-filled donut was just a treat; we had the usual pumpkin pie and apple crisp pie. Did you create some of your delicious gourmet desserts? 😉

  16. I hope you’re still enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, Marilyn.
    I love learning new things on your blog . . . like who wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb’, that plumbers are kept busy the day after Thanksgiving (hee hee), and now I’ll sign off singing, “Jingle Bells”. Yummy photo too. 🙂

  17. Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving Marylin 🙂

  18. What wonderful things to be thankful for. I think Makahiki has similarities to our Matariki.

  19. Oh Marylin, I’m so sorry I missed your delightful Thanksgiving post – not sure why, just my brain going into overload, as usual no doubt! I hope you and your family had a truly wonderful and blessed holiday 🙂 As for this post, again, I love that you teach me so much – had no idea about Makahiki (fascinating…and what a great break from war and work!) – and also Sarah Hale, although I should have from my children’s teaching at school about the history of Thanksgiving! How wonderful for her idea, and how enduring and ever more important to celebrate a heart of thanksgiving. And I laughed out loud about Roto-Rooter – no doubt the same here after Christmas! – say no more, lol! I hope this holiday season brings you blessings and peace and as less stress as possible my dear friend…have a wonderful week with love and hugs from me 🙂 ❤ xoxo

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