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Dear Mom,

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed a proclamation declaring the 1st Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents’ Day. My daughter Molly was born in 1978, so I made a card and used a crayon to scribble a message to you and Dad from your granddaughter. You and Dad laughed at that, saying Molly was very bright, being just a baby but already writing with crayons.

Did you know that almost every day, week and month of the calendar has been designated as some kind of holiday? For instance, July 27 is supposedly “Take Your Pants For a Walk Day.” I have no idea who actually declared this, but we can pretend the “Tree Man” is responsible (see picture above). I like this whimsical guy, so we’ll give him the credit, and anyway, we’ve already missed the day to take our pants for a walk, though I assume we would have been wearing them.

The good news is, today, July 29,  is National Lasagna Day! Mmm. Remember how our neighbor Joanie Vignatelli cooked great Italian food?  And Monday, July 30, is Cheesecake Day. You and I aren’t big cheesecake eaters, but I don’t think the Tree Man will mind if we substitute cupcakes instead. The point is to enjoy something sweet, right?

The last day of July is Mutt Day. I hope whoever declared this day meant it affectionately, with appreciation, because mixed-breed dogs have always held a soft place in our hearts, haven’t they? The last dog you and Dad had was Fritz, a huge shaggy bear with oversized paws and a heart to match. And when Dad was bedridden in the last months with Alzheimer’s, we brought along our dog Maggie (see below) for a visit. She went right to Dad’s bed, jumped up, and snuggled against him. At first Dad was startled and confused, but the moment he touched her fur he smiled and relaxed. Yes, surely whoever declared July 31 as Mutt Day, declared it with affection.

While Dad was alive, he often said that every day is a gift, or he’d smile and say, “Every day is a good day, some are just ‘gooder’ than others.” We don’t need national declarations to appreciate the importance of days, but they’re fun to talk about, to make guesses about who designated them and why, and sometimes to just laugh and scratch our heads.

Just so you’ll know, Mom, the first week of August is supposedly “National Simplify Your Life Week.”  We won’t ask the Tree Man how we should celebrate it.  We’ll simply make the most of it, like we try to do with all the other weeks of the year.

I love you, Mom, every day.   Marylin



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