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The Sunshine Award

Thank you, Judith Evans, for The Sunshine Award. Your blog– innerhomestead.wordpress.com –is a delight to read, and I’m honored by your support of my “Things I Want To Tell my Mother.”

Now, to answer the Sunshine Award’s eight questions:  1) My favorite Christmas movie is IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. I love the story, but I also always wished for my own angel-friend who needed to earn his wings by helping me.     2) I love all kinds of flowers, but the peony ranks at the top, especially white peonies because of their soft beauty and richly sweet fragrance.  3) My favorite non-alcoholic beverage is iced latte coffee.  4) My passion has always been writing: playing with words and ideas, telling stories, creating places and people who face big problems but find unusual ways to solve them. As a child, I had to learn to separate fictional story people, places, problems and solutions from real life.  5) My favorite time of year is autumn. When I was growing up we loved to rake leaves, jump in them, then rake them again so our parents could burn them at the curb. Nothing was better than the smell of burning leaves on a crisply cool evening. Leaf burning is no longer allowed, but I still love the sound and smell of fallen autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet as I take my walks.  6) My favorite time of day is dusk ~ the quiet, soft time just before dark.  7) My favorite physical activity is walking. This year I vowed to walk EVERY day–no exceptions, no excuses–and today is Day #238. On goal and still walking!  8) My favorite vacation place is Italy: Rome, Florence, Venice, the Blue Grotto, the Italian countryside. My ideal vacation would be to return with my husband, our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.

And now, my favorite part of receiving The Sunshine Award is sharing the award with fellow bloggers. Please visit the sites of my nominees and enjoy their blogs.

http://thesimplecountrylife.com/  A prairie woman choosing to enjoy each season, in weather and in life; wonderful, uplifting and inspiring photography and poetry.                                                                                     http://perfectingmotherhood.wordpress.com/   The journey of an imperfect mama, told with honesty, insecurity, humor and encouragement.                                                                                                                                       http://nancyparkerbrummett.com/blog/    Gentle, inspiring insights that turn everyday simple events and situations into profound lessons.                                                                                                                                          http://viviankirkfield.wordpress.com/    Books, activities, encouragement and fun for children and their parents, grandparents and teachers; a valuable resource for children’s writers and a helpful guide for positive parenting participation.



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3 Words: Shining a Light ~ ABC’s Robin Roberts









Five years ago, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts fought breast cancer. Today, with her colleagues at her side, she announced that she has Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare reaction to the chemo that helped her beat the cancer.  MDS is a blood disorder that affects the bone marrow and blood cells, and in an emotional and grateful moment Robin shared that her older sister is a nearly identical match and will be her donor.

Robin says she will beat MDS; her doctors say she’ll beat it, and her faith says she will. It’s a faith she learned from her mother, who says: “Everybody’s got somethin’.” (A profound 3-word reminder.)  Robin vows to focus on the fight…not the fright.


We wish Robin Roberts the very best and thank her for “Shining A Light” and inspiring us all.



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