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Things that make me feel grateful.
#1 ~ houses for families of birds.

#2 ~ a deer in the yard…not in the oven
(sorry, hunters)











Dear Mom,

Aesop (Greek storyteller and fabulist, best known for AESOP’S FABLES) wrote: “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”

Although Thanksgiving Day was one of your favorite holidays, it didn’t take a holiday filled with family, friends and food for you to be grateful. By your example, you taught me to stop, look, and listen for things to be thankful for, and appreciate anything that made me smile and made the day (and the world) better.  So today, in honor of your thankfulness lesson, I’m sharing some pictures of   things that make me grateful.

Thank you for your noble soul, Mom.  Love, Marylin

(Rainbow photo by Jim Warner; Apple snacks photo by Molly Mosher;  all other photos by Marylin Warner)

(#8, at the bottom: Baby pictures of adults.)

#5 ~ Double Rainbows

# 3 ~ Colorful street trashcan art

#4 ~ Apple Teeth Snacks (peanut butter, marshmallows and
apple slices) made for the kids by your granddaughter, Molly

#6 ~ Chapman, KS schools’ new logo, after the tornado, and after
Notre Dame made them stop using the fighting leprechaun they’d used
since 1967 – way to go, little Irish town!!!

#7 ~ A dachshund visiting the elderly, and getting
happy hugs


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