My version of Green Eggs and Ham.  (Pictures by Marylin Warner)

My version of Green Eggs and Ham. (Pictures by Marylin Warner)



"T's the last rose of summer, Left blooming  alone."  ~ Thomas Moore

“T’s the last rose of summer, Left blooming alone.” ~ Thomas Moore

On September evenings, cats cuddle for warmth.

On September evenings, cats cuddle for warmth.









My dad often reminded me to not wish my life away…to never want a day or event to come so quickly that I overlooked the gifts of today.   He was a wise man.

In keeping with his advice, I will celebrate today—National Bacon Lover’s Day, rough work but somebody has to do it—and at the same time applaud Dr. Seuss’ GREEN EGGS AND HAM.

Combining special days and foods is a form of multi-tasking, and if the green in my scrambled eggs comes from spinach, it’s actually kind of healthy. Right?

September is almost here, and oh, how I love September.  The rose bush that had given up for awhile now shines with one last rose of summer; the deer visit our back yard at will; and our neighborhood is alive with the laughter of helmeted school children learning to ride their bikes without training wheels. Three cheers for September!

Still cringing from last week’s  “pre-emptive sympathy card,” I’ve decided do something much more fun and make “pre-emptive preparations” for some of September’s special days. For instance, how much more fun will it be on Sept. 5th “Be Late For Something Day” if we carefully decide in advance what we’ll be late for, and how we’ll make our late entrance.

Or if we give it some advance thought, on Sept. 6th we can Fight Procrastination with a specific plan that must be implemented on that day. And if we struggle with long-held superstitions, we can plan a strategy for Sept. 13, which is Defy Superstition Day, and then reward our efforts on the 14th by enjoying National Cream-filled Donut Day. The really good news is that many bakeries make delicious Maple Bacon Doughnuts, which brings us back to Bacon Lover’s Day…see how it all works together? Amazing, isn’t it? 😉 

On a more serious note, September is also the AKC’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Hunger Action Month, Baby Safety Month, and for parents of children hurrying back to school or happily embracing play dates, it is also National Head Lice Prevention Month. (Which you know is nothing to laugh at if your children have ever come home with head lice.)

September is Prosper Where You Are Planted month, Healthy Aging Month, and in memory of my father who told me to never overlook the gifts of today–and also in honor of my mother who still lives that example on a daily basis–I also point out that September is World Alzheimer’s Month. 

As we appreciate and remember the wonderful days of each month , may we also continue to work for a cure for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Memories are important; we need to do all we can to protect and preserve them.     

Believe it or not, but one effective preventative for head lice is rinsing the hair and scalp with original Listerine.

Believe it or not, but one effective preventative for head lice is rinsing the hair and scalp with original Listerine.

A deer stops by for a visit in our back yard.  He jumps over the fence as if it's not there.  Help yourself to the zucchini, fella...we've got plenty.

A deer stops by for a visit in our back yard. He jumps over the fence as if it’s not there. Help yourself to the zucchini, fella…we’ve got plenty.



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70 responses to “WELCOME, SEPTEMBER!!! Oh, yeah…

  1. Hi Marylin. I love the month of September as it has it’s own magic. Children go back to school, fall colors will soon start to appear and nature looks its best. After the warmth of summer, a little coolness is welcome. Every moment has to be enjoyed and taken full advantage of. I fully agree with your dad on this issue. The platter of green eggs and bacon looks delicious. It is nice to celebrate the days for their importance, since one feels part of the bigger picture of life. Lovely post my friend. Take care and God bless.

  2. September is my favourite month Marylin – the turning towards autumn and also when we have our holiday. I like the idea of being late for something day – I hate to be late for anything, so maybe I should give myself permission to do it! And I could certainly do with fight procrastination day sometimes! But cream filled donut day has to be my favourite of the ones you’ve mentioned – I do love a cream donut 🙂

    • It is an interesting possibility to decide in advance to let yourself be late for something. I couldn’t do it for something important or that would keep others waiting, but I would like to chose one activity and then drag my feet.
      Have you ever had a Maple and Bacon cream-filled donut, Andrea? It’s an amazing concoction.

      • I haven’t Marylin, I must admit I don’t quite get the idea of having bacon with sweet things like you do over there! Funnily enough, we went to a food festival today and there was chocolate with bacon bits in it 🙂

      • Not to encourage the American addiction to sweets, Andrea, but blending bacon with maple or chocolate or orange-sicle really does create an unusual and delicious combination. 😉

  3. juliabarrett

    What a handsome buck! September is a busy month. I love fall in the Midwest. It was my favorite season. Out here winter is my favorite season, I guess because it reminds me of fall in the Midwest.
    I agree with your dad. Live in the now. Life moves fast enough without our help.

    • While I liked visiting family in San Diego, Vista and Escondido, it was often at Christmas while I was growing up, and I missed the snow. But as an adult I can’t argue with making a fresh avocado, grapefruit and orange salad…after picking the ingredients from your own back yard.
      Each place has its own appeal. At least you know can go out to the ranch with your daughter for a winter fix, Julia, and help birth calves, and that’s quite an attraction.

  4. I am wondering if it’s possible to procrastinate about being late. I think I shall wait and see.

  5. Oh, I’m too tired to say anything coherent.. I hope you’ll understand that I wanted to. This much I know: September is my favorite month, too; especially in New England.

    That photo of the little deer melts my heart! 🙂

    • Actually, he’s not all that little, Tracy. And he had a full rack of horns and doesn’t seem worried about much of anything. He and the other deer jump over the fence and meander around our yard munching on things; we enjoy it from the kitchen, where we don’t upset them.
      Get some sleep now. Rest up for a wonderful September in New England!

      • How did I miss that rack? I was THAT tired!

        Still resting, getting ready for tomorrow, when September starts! Exciting!

        Wishing you a blessed and wonderful Colorado September. 🙂

  6. I like the light-heartedness of this post. Your version of the green eggs and ham almost looks healthy, Marylin. The china pattern looks familiar too.

    As soon as I post this, I will clip a scarlet rose from my patio bush. Lovely post!

    • The dishes belonged to my aunt, Marian. They’re Desert Rose by Franciscan, and when I use them I think of her.
      I think I’ve clipped my last rose of summer, but it suddenly appeared on the dark withered stem, and it smells so sweet. Last week’s topic was so heavy; I wanted something much lighter this week, and September really is one of my very favorite months.

  7. It is indeed a wonderful month. We are on the cusp of Autumn and the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Each day I celebrate “I’ll take a better photo tomorrow” day or “I’ll read another book tomorrow” day. But they can wait. The temperature falls, the humidity becomes less oppressive but alas no deer in the garden. We can very rarely hear barking deer but they are too timid to venture out. Oh how I envy you the roses. They remind me always of my father. Happy, restful days of Fall.

    • A season of mists, Andrew. The phrase creates quite a picture.
      In Colorado–at this altitude–it doesn’t take long to get a burn when the sun is out, but it’s the cool September early evenings, with the beginning soccer players and little football players practicing in the park behind our house that make it all special.
      I like your “I’ll read another book tomorrow” plans, but with me it’s more along the line of “I’ll write that article tomorrow” or “That’s a great story idea; I’ll begin it tomorrow.” Both of those plans include making the most of today.

  8. What a delightful post, Marylin. I like your father’s wisdom. No point in wishing our hot weather away here in SW Florida. It will get cooler, eventually. No deer in the backyard or pumpkins on the frost. Few kids going back to school since it is mostly retirees on the island. But, happy September to you. 🙂

  9. Marilyn … I know my choices will not disappoint you. I will celebrate Be Late For Something Day on Sept. 6th instead of the 5th so I can tie in to Fight Procrastination Day (which IS the 6th). The way I’ll toast these events is with the Maple Bacon Donut and I’m NOT waiting until the 14th to do that. 😉

    Love your fun holidays and your photos – especially the one of the deer with that cool rack.

    I also hope that a cure will be found soon for Alzheimers.

    • You’ve got a great method to combine the special days, Judy. As long as it’s toasted with Maple Bacon Donuts, count me in.
      September has so many month-long and multiple-day strange celebrations. There were almost too many to consider. For me, almost any day in September is a good one; I know our dog Maggie would agree since the days are cooler and she can hike for miles. I’ve found that now that we’re retired, we enjoy September even more since we don’t have to be up at the crack of dawn and driving across town to teach our first high school classes at 7:05 AM! By October we were driving to school in the near dark and then driving back home in the near dark, and we missed out on so many colorful fall days.
      We make the most of them now!

  10. Claudia

    No, I don’t want to wish my life away. But this year I am looking forward to September and October hoping they will turn the tide in this rough year. I welcome the season change!

    • It has been a rough time, on many levels. Like you, Claudia, I look forward to September and October bringing about some much needed changes…and not just in the colors of the leaves.
      Let’s be hopeful.

  11. Because I don”t want to see such a dear friend suffer alone Marylin I’ve decided to help you out twice at least this month. Co-incidentally the best days for me just happen to involve bacon.
    I’m fully with you in hoping for a spectacular cure for Alzheimers and dementia so that we can have loved ones back with us in the present knowing just who we are, and being able to enjoy family news as it happens. I love the picture of the deer on your lawn, that kind of event would have me in heaven.
    Wishing you a splendid September and sending Hugs Galore xxxxxxxx

    • Oh, many hugs to you, too, David. I appreciate your sacrifice 😉 and willingness to celebrate Bacon Day with me.
      If only bacon could be the secret formula for curing Alzheimer’s and dementia…how cool would that be? Both of my parents would have enjoyed sitting on our deck, watching the deer in the back yard…and remembering it to tell about when they went home. THAT would be great.

  12. Where does this information about these special days come from?
    You are a library of information 🙂

    • Elizabeth, I have two sources. One is the internet. What I like better, though, is going to our little westside library and thumbing through the reference and special-day publications they have in the reading area. The library has wood floors, high ceilings and big wide windows. It’s one of my favorite places to go and read, and I give it full credit for me being a “library of information.” 😉

  13. jakesprinter

    Truly a wonderful reminder for the Month of September , Marylin 🙂

  14. Hi Marylin, This was the first summer in a couple of years that I really enjoyed myself (no full time job, hot flashes finally on the downslide), but I am happy to see fall come. I love September!
    I love how you follow special days (Bacon Lover’s Day!) and you are right, remembering the gifts of today is the way to live in gratitude.
    I forget what part of the country you live in. Will your roses bloom for a while? We don’t usually have frost here in Western PA. until late September or early October.
    xo Joanne

    • I’m in Colorado Springs, Joanne. Denver is a “mile high”–and we’re even higher–which means we have a shorter growing season. But we’ll still have a few last roses of summer suddenly appearing on the bushes during the next few weeks.
      Each one is a special gift that reminds me to be in the moment and enjoy each blossom!

  15. Gwen Stephens

    I had no idea there were so many special days in September. It’s a wonderful month, isn’t it? Thanks for the head lice tip…next time it’s going around at the elementary school where I work, I’m going to remember this!

    • Supposedly it really does work, Gwen. But according to the magazine where I read it, only the original Listerine (without special added scents) will fully work against head lice.
      September is a wonderful month. With all those sweet kiddos returning the the elementary school where you work, remember how wonderful the month is when they start scratching their heads… 😉

  16. Awe..for the love of September! I love September too and all of these days make it even more special. Your green eggs are perfect! When mine are green they have spinach in them too. And bacon! Yum! Who doesn’t like bacon? My boys will be so thrilled to know that there is a day designated for bacon! Enjoy the holiday weekend, Marylin! XO

    • Enjoy your weekend, too, Robyn, and treat those hungry boys to lots of bacon! If you can sneak some spinach in, all the better!
      Robyn, your photography of the new born baby was touching and lovely. I’m sure the parents were thrilled.

  17. Oh, head lice, I remember those tiny combs after the school warnings. Happy to say we never succumbed – I don’t think we have a similar day in the UK!
    Yes, memories are important, let’s keep striving for research into dementia and Altzeimers – we all need to hang onto our true thoughts for as long as possible and help those who are struggling with theirs.

    • Thank you, Jenny. My father had several friends who’d had strokes or dementia, and he grieved for with with them. In the early stages of his Alzheimer’s, I think that frightened him most, remembering their struggles.
      We all do need to hang onto our own true thoughts and protect them as long as possible.

  18. Hudson Howl

    Hail Bacon! ….especially double maple smoked by Peoples Meat Market (no I don’t live China that’s actually the name of the market).

    Thankfully you used spinach and not broccoli.

    Your father was wise. And. Divide a day into moments, adds to the pleasure. One good moment in a seemingly long tiring day, can make for restful sleep.

    I have mixed feels towards September. Shortening hours, take away from time outdoors. Birds and their noises, dwindle. Orioles have already crossed over Lake Erie southward, Hummingbirds will follow soon enough. But the quality of light and the nerve-tingling evening air, one can only ‘gassho’ -respectfully bid hello to fall and good bye to summer. And as you say ‘honour the day’, and a smile can’t hurt either. September is my ‘birthday’ month, yippee-ki-yay so am even-Steven when I get September blues.

    • My birthday month, too, though I barely made it under the wire on the last day. So even though the sunlight hours are shortened and winter is not far away (at least in Colorado), I can always take refuge in birthday cake!

      You said it very well: one good moment in a seemingly long tiring day can make for a restful sleep. Those good moments are true blessings.

  19. There has got to be day that asks you to remember the most influential teacher in your life. The kind of teacher that inspires you, and teaches you to never give up, the kind of teacher that pulls out a cake when you fail, the kind of teacher that reminds you to make goals bigger than yourself, the kind of teacher that inspires you to take on impossible challenges, the kind of teacher that teaches you to write what is in your heart and make people think, and the kind of teacher that would ignore run-on sentences because the message is more important than the grammar. On that day I would like to honor you. Even today, as I read your blog, you still inspire me. Thank you for being so phenomenal.
    A former student,
    Victoria Villescas

    • Oh, Victoria! Bless your heart!
      How many years has it been?
      Thank you so much for this, for remembering such good things about me and being in my class. And remembering the cake that celebrated the first rejection slips after the submissions.
      You’ve made my day, and I truly do thank you.

  20. I so enjoy reading your posts. They always make me think about life in general. Although summer is my favorite season I do like September. I’m going to have a “Do Nothing Day” because normally my days are filled to the rim with projects and I will be looking for a maple bacon doughnut , yummy .

    • Do Nothing Days are essential for mental well being and renewing our energies, Gerlinde, or so I believe. And if you add a Maple Bacon doughnut, it adds another layer of special enjoyment.
      Hmm…think I’ll do the same thing! 🙂

  21. Maple Bacon Donuts? I’ve never heard of such a thing, Marylin. I’m not a fan of bacon or donuts, I can’t imagine the taste when they’re combined.
    Unfortunately, September in the south is a continuation of August, but that didn’t stop me from getting my autumn decorations out of the attic today. 🙂

    • In Colorado, Jill, September it’s a time of bright blue skies with warm but not sweltering sunshine, and the mum plant blossoms break into color. And I love taking my walks when the leaves change and rustle on the sidewalks.
      We’ve been known to get early snow in October, and several Halloweens we’ve had major snow storms. Other Halloweens we’ve had balmy nights for trick’o’treaters. We never know what to expect in October, so we make the most of September!

  22. williamsharyn@embarqmail.com

    We could not believe the deer visiting your back yard. Now that is a neat remembrance to this September. Plus, it looks like he made himself right at home!


    Sent from Windows Mail

    • Sharyn, you and Bill would get a kick out of this deer. He watches us calmly–of course we keep our dog Maggie inside to avoid any conflicts– and he makes himself right at home. But we haven’t been able to talk him into eating the huge zucchini from our bumper crop, so food must not be an issue.
      From what we see on the weather reports, it looks like Florida is still having heat. We wish you two were here to enjoy the cooling Colorado evenings with us.

  23. Nancy Parker Brummett

    Marylin, thanks for helping me get into the mood for September. I’m one who tends to hold on to the last gasp of summer! 🙂

    • A gentle correction here, Nancy: it’s the last rose of summer you’re supposed to cherish and hold on to, not the last gasp. 😉
      With the exceptional rains we’ve had off and on this summer, don’t you agree Colorado Springs has been an especially lush green, and the plants and vegetables have been wonderful?
      Ask me during sleet and snow and ice, and I’ll wonder what I was thinking to be so ready for summer to end. But right now I love the “feeling” of autumn in the air!

  24. Snap with the china, Marylin. http://silkannthreades.wordpress.com/2013/09/29/3045/ and I have just been peeping out the back door and I see my rhubarb is coming to life again! So I welcome September, too, if not for the same seasonal reason as you. I wish I had known about listerine for head lice! I see that vinegar and vaseline are also possible treatments.

    • Whatever works to get rid of head lice has my full support, Gallivanta. I was surprised to read that Listerine was the new treatment of choice, but I’ve heard it works. Now if there could be a simple and effective way to get rid of bed bugs…
      Our neighbor’s rhubarb has new shoots coming on, too. This must be a special time! My mom would love this; she used to grow rhubarb and make pies for my dad.

      • Ah, yes the bed bugs! They seem to be as resistant to treatment as head lice. By the way, September 1st, today, is our random acts of kindness day. 🙂 I would be doing the rhubarb in my freezer a kindness if I were to eat it! It’s been there all winter.

      • It IS! Gallivanta, I count on you to remind my, and if I pretend to forget, it can be one of your Random Acts of Kindness! Thanks!

  25. I love September too because this weekend I get to spend it with my boys down in Sussex for an early birthday treat (it’s next week 😉 ) But I also it for the season and the changes that are coming, slowly but surely, as evidenced by the wealth of ripe blackberries along the hedgerows. Brings back lovely memories as a child of gathering them up and turning them into blackberry and apple pies 🙂
    I have never heard of Listerine being a cure for head lice. Marylin, you should write a book with all your great tips (or have you already?). I had no idea of all the important days this month either. We don’t seem to have any of those here, or at least not that I’ve heard of! Love the deer. Hope you still manage to keep some of those delicious zucchini though…he does look rather hungry! Not to mention magnificent…and he knows it. We had our long weekend last week, so now I get t wish you Happy Labour Day, and hope it’s a restful one. Oh, and I think your Green Eggs and Ham looks delicious, eggs and spinach go really well together I think. Plus it reminds me of all the times I read that wonderful story to the kids. This post is sending off some great energy vibes…and I need plenty of those! For that I thank you…and yes, here’s to the last rose of summer and also to those darling kitty cats cuddling up in preparation for those cooler evenings. Delightful post 🙂

  26. Happy early birthday, Sherri! We’re both September babies, but mine is at the very end of the month. We’ll be spending it with our daughter and son-in-law and grandchildren, so I’m really looking forward to that. I know you’re eager to be with your sons.
    When I was growing up, we gathered blackberries, too, and our fingers were stained for days. And our mouths, as we ate many before they could be made into cobblers. But we also took picnic lunches and went to a pecan grove that had “open” picking where they weighed them at the exit and the pecans were free if you gave the owner half.
    One time we picked all day with several friends and their mothers, and my dad was stunned when we unloaded over 40 lbs. from the trunk of our car. We were shelling pecans all winter and making pies and cookies for the birthdays of friends and family.
    August was a tough month on several levels for me, and it sounds like we both are glad for September’s good energy vibes. I wish England were closer–much, much closer–you could fix us tea and I’d make green eggs and bacon, and we’d have a terrific visit!

  27. I love September, Marylin! In Australia it’s now officially Spring Time! woo hoo 😀

    • So you love September, even though it’s a month when you move into spring. That’s amazing, Dianne. I always associated my birthday month with changing leaves, shorter days with very cool nights, and the transition before winter. If I came to Australia for my birthday, it would be a spring-time celebration for me. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

  28. Jane Thorne

    Hi Marylin. September always feels like a time of re-birth for me..a time to start new projects, maybe thinking ahead to the winter months. I have this creative idea (yes another one) for little wire figures as wall hangings…I shall keep you posted. I have taken the nudge and have started to write my farm sitting adventures as a publisher has expressed interest. I love thinking about the deer visiting your back yard, that is a wonderful thought. Here’s to balmy days, many creative ideas, joy in nature’s moments and love flowing to you in Kansas from hilly Wales. Lovely post as always. ❤ xXx

    • Jane, both sound like exciting projects, and yes, please keep me posted. I’m not surprised a publisher is interested in your farm sitting adventures, especially if you include some of your pictures! And I also want to know more about the little wire wall hanging figures.
      Here’s to balmy days, creative ideas, plus joy and love flowing between my home and yours!

  29. Your dad was a very wise man Marylin. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…”
    I didn’t know that September is World Alzheimer’s Month. Let’s hope that the efforts to cure Alzheimer’s are successful very, very soon.
    There sure is a lot to celebrate in September. I like the 14th: National Cream-filled Donut Day. Sounds yummy.
    I know it’s early, but Happy Birthday Marylin… carpe diem!

    • Thank you so much, Theresa! Carpe diem, it is!
      I’ll take cup cakes to celebrate with my mother, and she’ll love eating them but will not understand what we’re celebrating. I’ll let her blow out the candles, which she still loves to do, and chances are she’ll ask several times, “Tell me again what this is for.” I’ll smile and tell her about all the birthdays she baked special cakes and sang as I blew out the candles, and the memories will be fun.

  30. September is one of my favorite months, too, and home to many birthdays in my family. Gives one an inkling of what all of our parents were up to over those cold holidays, I think. 😉

    I should probably think of something for Fight Procrastination day, but I’ve just been distracted by something….!

    • I remember in grade school–it was either 3rd or 4th grade–when a substitute teacher asked how many of us were born in September. Almost a quarter of the class held up their hands, and she commented about how the previous winter that year must have made our parents snowbound.
      She laughed, but we didn’t get it. When I asked my parents about it, my dad kind of stammered and changed the subject, and Mom said we’d talk about it later. I thought it was going to be a weather lesson!

  31. Thank you Marylin! I always learn so much about National Days from you. I never knew these days existed. And I love your creativity combining these days with food. It is a real Art to celebrate each day. And to honor and enjoy each day. Bravo to your father. A wise man 🙂

    • Thanks, Ilka. He was a wise man, and funny, kind, serious, and very hard working. I wish I’d written down more of his “tru-isms”–he had so many–but when I need them and often least expect them, sometimes they come back to me.

  32. dianabletter

    Marylin, you are a veritable fount of wisdom. Or would that be font? These days, I have no clue! Your posts are always filled with humor and information, a winning combination. Please give your mom a big hug from me next time you see her–it’s almost a year since I lost mine. Thanks! diana

    • I will, Diana. Thank you. She loves hugs, even when she isn’t sure who is delivering them. I was thinking about your mother and wondering if it was almost the anniversary. In your last post, with the henna tattoos and the celebration–those are the festivities when we probably miss our parents the most, I think.

  33. Molly

    Hi Mom…I haven’t posted a comment in awhile, although I read the blogs first thing Saturday morning. I could blame it on the fact that I am too busy scratching my head from the lice that is going around my classroom, but we know that I am using the Listerine rinse, so I can’t claim that. I could definitely blame it on the stuffy, runny nose/head cold/scratchy throat that I have already battled and won 2x this school year or I could say that I have been out searching for the perfect birthday gift for you….but in reality it is just that I have been spinning a lot of different plates, and every time I sit down to respond, I get sidetracked. I suppose that this response actually fits in very well with your blog, it is all part of September – at least for teachers! Wonderful blog!

    Love you!

    • Love you, too, Mookie, lots and lots. Head lice, Listerine rinse, running nose and all. Welcome to the wonderful, tiring, whole-new-world of teaching. You’re in for more than a Master’s Degree, sweet. It’s a life changer, as you’ve already figured out.
      Your grandma would be SO PROUD, too!

  34. I feel bad but I am playing catch up on your posts I missed, Marylin. I enjoyed this post with the spinach scrambled eggs, the beautiful photo of the buck, which looks so soft and your words about how your Dad told you not to wish your life away. Those caught my attention. I need to repeat those to my own two children who are parents. My youngest daughter is not one to wish her life away, since she is still ‘having fun being single.’ My son and daughter have often mentioned, “I can’t wait til (insert name of grandchild) gets to be able to do this or that…” I don’t remember doing this as a parent, but as a teenager, I do remember wishing I were grown up and in the world, (supposedly not under my parents’ ‘rules!’)

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