Celebrate LEON Day, U.F.O.s, and Super Strength


Our dog Maggie in reindeer antlers, getting ready to celebrate LEON Day.  (All pictures by Marylin Warner)

Our dog Maggie in reindeer antlers, the perfect attire for celebrating LEON Day. (All pictures by Marylin Warner)

Making S'mores, a perfect way to celebrate Camping Month AND the First Day of summer!

Making S’mores, a perfect way to celebrate Camping Month AND the First Day of summer!


Toothbrushes (invented in 1498) are now the best way to clean teeth after S'mores.

Toothbrushes (invented in 1498) are the best way to clean teeth after S’mores.

Not to put too much emphasis on last week’s book titles containing the word POO, but did you know that June is Potty Training Awareness Month? (Just pointing out a theme connection.) Now, moving along to new topics…

June is CAMPING MONTH, GREAT OUTDOORS MONTH, and ICE TEA MONTH. It all fits together as this Saturday, June 21, is officially the FIRST DAY OF SUMMER. Tuesday, June 24, is U.F. O. Day if you want to dig out old Roswell videos or watch the INDEPENDENCE DAY movie. And if you grill out and chomp down on picnic foods as you discuss U.F.O. sightings, it’s a good thing that the next day, June 25, is the anniversary of the day the toothbrush was invented (in 1498).

June 25 is also LEON Day. If you were born on June 25, your sign is LEO, but that’s not the same as LEON Day. LEON is NOEL spelled backwards, and June 25 is six months until Christmas. If you want to celebrate an early half-way-to-Christmas party and share the holiday spirit, next Wednesday is your day.

June 30 is the birthday of the Superman Action Comic Cover (1938), although the birthday of Clark Kent is debated as being either June 18 or February 20. Feel free to celebrate all three dates by protecting the innocent and fighting bad guys.

Christopher Reeve, who played the modern role of the Superman superhero, became a quadriplegic after being thrown from a horse. He lobbied on behalf of people with spinal- cord injuries until his death at the age of 52.

Reeve once described the superhero role this way:   “What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and maturity to use the power wisely…”

With all that’s happening throughout the world, we’re in need of true heroes right now, those who have power but also the wisdom and maturity to use the power wisely.

There are many special June days to enjoy next week. If you want to celebrate the qualities Christopher Reeve saw in Superman, here’s a recipe for cookies to munch on as you consider all the qualities of true heroes.  This recipe originally came from the book SUPERMAN, SERIAL TO CEREAL by Gary Grossman.   ENJOY!

Superman Cookies

~ Cream ¼ lb. butter together with ½ c. sugar and blend in 1 beaten egg

~ Blend in 1 ½ c. flour, ½ c. at a time

~ Add ½ t. baking soda dissolved in a tablespoon of hot water

~ Add ½ c. coarsely grated sweet chocolate (or ½ c. choc. chips) and 1 c. corn flakes

~ Drop by teaspoon on greased cookie sheet and bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 min.

Drink a glass of milk and eat your cookies; flex your muscles and vow to be strong, powerful…and wise!

superman emblem

The cover of Christopher Reeve's book, STILL ME.

The cover of Christopher Reeve’s book,   STILL ME.



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58 responses to “Celebrate LEON Day, U.F.O.s, and Super Strength

  1. juliabarrett

    Camping. Outdoors. Iced tea. Superman. I’m all in – all among my faves. My nephew’s name is Leo. Great old fashioned name.

    • I love the name Leo! Both my husband and our grandson are LEOs, and both definitely fit the profile. I already loved the name, but now that I have my Leo Lions, it’s my favorite.

  2. juliabarrett

    Oh! Forgot s’mores! Must make s’mores!

    • Ditto!
      S’mores are my go-to favorite summertime dessert, Julia. And in the winter I’ll get a craving and do marshmallows over a stove burner and add it to chocolate squares and graham crackers.

  3. I can celebrate strong, powerful and wise! With cookies! I wonder how many of our world troubles could be solved with some cookies and milk instead of guns and bombs. You remind me of our Parihaka story where children greeted the invaders with bread and watermelons. http://www.stuff.co.nz/nelson-mail/news/9368804/Parihaka-pioneers-of-non-violence-honoured

    • Amen to that, Gallivanta! I also still believe that Fulgrum’s EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED IN KINDERGARTEN contains all the basic instructions that every senator, member of congress, president, dictator, monarch–all world leaders!–should be forced to learn and practice.
      Give me Superman cookies and a glass of cold milk and a quiet place to read your Parihaka story, and I’m set! Sounds like a great read.

      • I am a believer in Fulgrum’s “Everything I need to know….” As I often mention my mother was a kindergarten teacher and, my goodness, her former students are wonderful people.

      • I especially appreciate the ones about cleaning up your messes, saying sorry when you’ve hurt someone, and taking a nap every afternoon so you’re not too tired. Those alone would be a good start around the world.

        My mom was a kindergarten teacher, too, so you and I both got good starts!

  4. OK Marylin. I’m with you on most things you mention but you lost me at S’mores. What the heck s a S’more?
    What a shame fate decided Christopher Reeve had to break his back in order to become such a great advocate for those with spinal injuries. He showed such dignity throughout his illness that he really was the Man of Steel.
    xxx Enormous Hugs xxx

    • Oh, dear David, you are about to experience the all-American treat! You’ll need chocolate squares (we buy several Hershey chocolate bars and divide them into sections), a box of graham crackers, and a bag of large marshmallows.
      Put a marshmallow on a stick or long cooking fork (or a straightened out wire clothes hanger) and brown over a camp fire (or even a burner on your stove). When it’s evenly browned all around (I like to set fire to mine and let it flame for a few seconds), then put the marshmallow on top of the chocolate square on top of a graham cracker, then put another graham cracker on top, push it gently together, and eat like a hungry, messy, happy child biting into a great sandwich.
      You’ll be a hero to Reuben if you fix him a S’more.
      Let me know how you like them! Many hugs!!!

  5. Hudson Howl

    All cause for celebration in the month of June. I personally celebrate June because its not February.

    Call me crazy, but am not a big fan of chocolate chip cookies, Superman-ized or otherwise, nor do I like milk at all. Wait, I am about to redeem myself. I do like my cookie dough and diary frozen. So I will be taking a superman sized bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream out on the deck that is a glow due to the thousands of honeysuckle blooms brought on by June warmth and light. I will flex my muscle, lick my troubles away and ‘TRY’ to figure just how on earth I will make it through all of the winters of my discontent that I will surely face for the remainder of my life. Will I do it wisely? Sometimes it feels fifty fifty. other times the odd not favourable. But it would be nice to do it with dignity.

    Given all the crap which runs a muck here, there and everywhere. Superman-style hope is very much alive an relevant. There is no alternative; giving in or giving up does us all harm in the end….however, packing it up to go camping for a week does make a lot of localized problems not so large and gloomy -the global ones still need that Superman kind of intervention.

    • A glow of thousands of honeysuckle blooms brought on by June warmth would make me more hopeful, even without Superman cookies. Now that it’s officially summer here in Colorado–and wonderfully warm, and the gardens are already growing–I’ll store up all the sunshine and hope for wise superheroes…there’s time later for the winter of discontent to set in.

      Ice cream is a good substitute for milk for sitting on the deck and flexing muscles. 😉

  6. Don

    What a month Marylin. Time to sit on our potties in the great outdoors sipping ice tea and surveying the skies for superman or some other UFO’s. O’ hell I forgot the toothbrush.

    Funny, I watched “Superman The Movie” just last week. I still love it and I think that quote by Christopher Reeve about power is superb.

    Wonderful post Marylin and thanks for that recipe’.

    • You’re very welcome, Don. I’m tempted to try the recipe just to see how corn flakes are baked into cookie dough.
      It’s strange that the tragedy of spinal chord damage defined and revealed Christopher Reeve’s true fighter side and hero help for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. With many actors, such a setback would have gone the other way. Sections of his book show how hard he struggled to hold on to himself and remember what was really important.

  7. Hi Marylin!

    Lol! June seems to be a fantastic month. Wow, what can we celebrate!!! Potty training awareness, U.F.O.s, comic Super Hero and real life Super Hero – and toothbrushes. And Half way to Christmas! Isn’t that a treat? Love this post! Thanks so much 🙂

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, too, Ilka! And except for potty training awareness, which is all month (as it should be, as long as it can take to potty train some little ones), the rest happen during the last 9 days of the month! I figured we’d be so tired by the last day that we’d need some Superman cookies to perk us up!

  8. Ah…S’mores…I remember making those while camping with my Girl Scout troop…so yummy! Those cookies sound good too. 🙂
    Happy first day of summer, Marylin!

  9. Gwen Stephens

    My daughter is the pastry chef of the family…I think she will love trying out those superman cookies. Thanks for sharing!

    • Let me know what a pastry chef daughter thinks of corn flakes in cookie dough, Gwen. Somehow, I’m not sure how that will end up. But of course she’s already a pro at making S’Mores, right? 🙂

  10. we’re in need of true heroes right now, those who have power but also the wisdom and maturity to use the power wisely– I agree.

    It’s a good message to pass on to our children/grandchildren when we’re giving them their Superman cookies & milk. Power alone doesn’t make you a superhero. You have to use your power wisely, for the right reasons and right outcomes.

    I feel a superhero cookie day coming on…. thanks for the recipe. 🙂

    • Thanks, Tracy. You always have such wonderful, healthy and amazing recipes on your blog. I appreciate your smiling response to cookies filled with corn flakes and sugar!
      But if such a concoction will make us think about Superman’s super-hero qualities–combined with power, wisdom and maturity–then bring on the cookies and milk!

  11. Wow! So much to celebrate in such a short time. In New York, we called June 25 “Reverse Christmas” day. But LEON is cool, too. Thanks for the tips, Marilyn.

    As far as UFO’s, I’m right there with you. Having visited such a site last year in Nevada, I’d love to check out a few more. Until then, there’s still “X-Files” and Area 51 stories to peruse.

    I love Christopher Reeve’s quote on Superman: “What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and maturity to use the power wisely…” At least one other actor, the original Superman – George Reeves (no relation to Christopher Reeve) – met an untimely end. The cause of his death is still debated.

    • Judy, do you remember some of the media comments after Christopher Reeve’s accident? One report hinted at the “Superman Curse” because George Reeves’ death was suspicious.
      Instead, we’ll focus on LEON Day and UFOs!

  12. LOL my best friend growing up…her father was named Leo, but for whatever reason several magazines he received via postal mail misspelled his name as Keo…
    Now Leo was exactly what you’d expect a guy who owned that name in the 1950s/60s might be: serious, strong, intelligent, a stoic really. We kids (my friend had that covetted huge family I craved as an only child so I spent more days/nights there than at home) would refer to him as Keo..behind his back of course, but I distinctly remember one time catching him smile after reprimanding us. 🙂

    Funny the things that come back from reading a post.

    Oddly enough, I thought about Keo a few days ago when I saw an old serious man who looked as I imagined Keo must at the age. I did some digging and see he’s still alive and living with his oldest son in NH. and that made me smile, too!

    • While I was growing up, I knew of only one man with the name Leo, and he had the same strong, serious qualities of your Leo…er, Keo. Isn’t that funny how one mail misspelling becomes the nick name!
      That’s one of the things I enjoy most about reading each other’s posts. One blog triggers lots of memories for readers, and soon we have all these interesting stories.

  13. Marylin, It is always such a delight to read your posts. You are a wealth of information that hopefully I will remember and be able to use in a game of trivia or two in the future! I absolutely love the “Superman” quote! Perfect, absolutely perfect! And, for the record, I am so thankful that I am beyond the potty training phase! After potty training three children, and the last one being the hardest I am thankful that I don’t have to think about June being potty training month ever again..at least not until my children ask for advice on how to do it! 😉 Hugs and wishes for a wonderful weekend to you! Robyn

    • Like you, Robyn, I just love that quote. And it’s so necessary and important today, for our leaders to have not only the power, but also the wisdom and maturity to use it well.
      When I saw that June was potty training awareness month–and this after last week’s book titles with the word “Poo” in them–well, I couldn’t resist. But I am so glad we’re past the potty training phase, even with my grandchildren!
      You have a wonderful weekend, too, dear friend! Marylin

  14. Where do you find them Marylin 🙂 We could all have a fantastic year to remember just by celebrating all the days you tell us about!

    • I’m so glad you enjoy these, Andrea. I’m fascinated by all the “special” designations of days…even though I can’t imagine why or how some of them were chosen. But they’re fun, and some of them really do have historical or personal connections when you check back far enough.

  15. and I think it is the longest / shortest day of the year today. Another celebration, you because it is the day with the most light, and us because it will be warming up towards spring for us now. 🙂

    • I think you’re right, Elizabeth.
      On June 22’s evening news, snippets of brides and grooms being married on June 21 answered the question, “Why did you choose this day?” One couple answered that it was the longest day of the year, so they could celebrate with their guests, dance, etc. longer. BUT their best man and matron of honor (married to each other) shook their heads no, saying that they were married on the “flip” date–December 21–because it was the longest NIGHT of the year. Forget the guests celebrating; they wanted a longer night together!

  16. Never heard of but love the idea of S’mores. A great name for something you want repeats of!

    • Absolutely, Jenny. You definitely want “So many more” (S’mores) of the graham crackers with melted marshmallows and chocolate! With our grandchildren, in the winter when we can’t have picnic fires, we improvise and heat the marshmallows over a burner on the stove. We don’t wait for summer!

  17. Leon – half way – doesn’t fit my mental spacial image of where June 25 is located. I have been thinking abut how we (at least I do) think of time in terms of spacial relationships. You’ve brought on some inspiration for a new blog post. it was time for s’more too. 🙂

  18. You are a genius at blending disparate ideas. Today is no exception. Thank you!

  19. I had no idea what S’mores were until I moved to the States Marylin! I soon learnt though and making them around the campfire was one of the things we loved the most. That and roasting hot dogs! I love the photo of your Maggie with the antlers, so cute!
    i was a big fan of Christopher Reeve and admired him greatly for what he did and how he lived in the face of his atrocious spinal injury. I remember being so shocked, like millions of others, when I heard the news of his awful accident.
    Superheros are seriously lacking these days it seems with corruption everywhere we turn, so to read this delightful post, complete with Superman cookies, has made me smile from ear to ear. I love how you write your posts and interject your ideas and positivity. You bring so much sunshine to this cyber world of ours and what a great way to start the summer, thank you dear Marylin 😎 😀

    • When I first starting writing the post, Sherri, I got really carried away with rants about the corrupt politicians and bankers and CEOs who get away with it because of their false superhero acts and money. I do that a lot–rant–but then once I’ve vented and gotten it out of my system, THEN I go back and cut about 30% and focus on the lighter, more positive message.

      Have you tried the cookie recipe? I was kind of surprised that the corn flakes staying semi-crunchy instead of getting soggy.

      Also, Sherri, and you’ll get a kick out of this: the picture of the “S”–the red and gold Superman logo on the blue background–is actually a closeup picture of MY tee-shirt! I found it at a thrift shop, and when I need motivation to get writing done or tackle some tedious household chore, I wear my shirt to get me strength and motivation!

      • I’ve done that so many times with posts Marylin and for all the same reasons you list here. The writing of it is therapeutic and perhaps that is what is needed at the time but not necessarily something you want to share after getting it all out of your system.
        I haven’t made the cookies yet but I will let you know when I do. It’s been so hot here (and no AC) so waiting for it to cool down as the oven on makes it worse!! That is interesting about the corn flakes though 😉
        Oh I love that about your Superman t-shirt Marylin! You know my eldest son had one of those t-shirts and they went down the line to my daughter! What a fabulous way to get motivated, love it! Now, if you only you could get the cape too and then you could fly over here, haha 😀

      • Oh, Sherri, if I had a cape I would fly over and visit you! Or I’d mail it to you and you could fly over and visit me!

  20. Molly


    I think that Reeve’s quote needs to be just slightly changed for greater impact! “What makes a SuperWOMAN a hero is not that she has a power, but that she has the wisdom, maturity and past experiences to use the power wisely and with the greatest impact for all.”

  21. Little secret. This is similar to my real name so I will be able to celebrate tomorrow as ‘my day’.
    Thanks for sharing this piece of trivia.

  22. June is also the month for roses! Thanks for that cookie recipe; I’ll have to try it this summer. June is a great month…I got married on the first day of summer:)

    Have a great week, Marilyn.

  23. Many congratulations, Elaine. June is the month for roses…and blue skies and sunshine and warm breezes. Our anniversary is June 15, and every year it is a gorgeous day!

  24. Jim

    The USA’s six-time Olympic Gold-Medal swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen recently severed her spine in an ATV accident. She is showing extraordinary courage while accepting the challenge of paralysis from the waist down for the rest of her life. Perhaps she will inspire all of us by becoming Christopher Reeve’s “SuperWoman” that Molly envisioned above as Amy engages a huge new challenge with the same work-ethic, positive-outlook, and fiery competitiveness that won her gold medals.

    God bless you, Amy Van Dyken-Rouen. May you spit in the face of misfortune just as I once saw you spit in the lane of your fiercest rival before a race.

    • Yes, Amy, the prayers and best wishes of swimmers, Coloradans, and people everywhere are with you.
      Jim, you and Molly have this covered; Amy does have the “SuperWoman” qualities will will pull her through…and inspire us all!

  25. My daughter introduced my granddaughter, June, to potty training a couple of weeks ago. So, June started potty training in June. Unfortunately, my granddaughter is only 18 months old and hasn’t taken an interest in it… yet.
    I could continue with similar coincidences (my dad’s name was Leo), but I’ll stop before it gets too boring.
    It’s nice when people can mull over their similarities instead of raging over their differences. You use the power of writing wisely Marylin.

  26. Thank you, Theresa, and one thing we can mull over together is the process of potty training. I was so lucky with my daughter, Molly. She was potty trained at 14 months because her babysitter’s 4 year old was still struggling with it, and so they set up two potty chairs in the bathroom and Molly followed Becky into the bathroom and they made a game of it.
    Potty training is one of those blurry memories we’re all glad to have gone through, but we certainly don’t want to relive it! 🙂
    Here’s wishing the best to June, her mom, and her grandmother!

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