Getting Ready for DOG DAYS

Wednesday, July 31, is "Mutts' Day"--our family prefers to call it "Uniquely Amazing Day" in honor of Maggie. (all photos by Marylin Warner)

Wednesday, July 31, is “Mutts’ Day”–our family prefers to call it “Uniquely Amazing Dog Day” in honor of Maggie. (all photos by Marylin Warner)

Hi, Mom,

It’s almost August, what you called “Dog Days,” the sultry days of summer. I remember how you picked squash, tomatoes, onions, green beans and lettuce–and I picked the beets and carrots in my garden–early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when it wasn’t so hot. By August your garden was always in over-growth mode, and you shared fresh vegetables with friends, neighbors, employees, and anyone you thought might enjoy some fresh garden goodies.

But we still have wonderful days left July, and you always cautioned us not to wish our lives away. So as we look forward to August, let’s also remind our blog friends of some special days they can still enjoy in July.

Today, July 27, is Take Your Pants For A Walk Day (Seriously; I don’t make these things up.).  What this really means is to take your pants for a walk while you’re wearing them. Get off the couch, go for a walk, get moving, breathe deeply.  Walk tomorrow, too.  Get in shape and work up an appetite for Monday.

Monday, July 29, is National Lasagna Day.  But what if it’s too hot to bake your own lasagna?  Invite a friend to go out for Italian food, the tomato-y, cheese-y, garlic-y goodness of lasagna. Clink glasses and toast life with wine or iced tea; the thought is more important than the beverage. But don’t order dessert. Wait until tomorrow…

Tuesday, July 30, is National Cheesecake Day.  (I’m still not sure how these “special days” receive their designations, but surely there’s a plan in this somewhere).  If you’re concerned about your good cholesterol numbers, here’s a healthy tip from Dr. Oz:  add fresh blueberries to your cheesecake, and sprinkle on pecans or pistachios to help lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Wednesday, July 31, is Mutts’ Day, though our family doesn’t like to call it that.  (See picture above.)

August is just around the corner.  Special designations for August include “Admit You’re Happy Month,”  “Family Fun Month,”  “Romance Awareness Month,” and “National Picnic Month.”  Doesn’t sound like Dog Days to me!

To get started, plan now for the first week of August: “National Simplify Your Life Week.”  Hmm…if you need energy to plan your simplification process, repeat July’s days for lasagna and cheesecake…and taking your pants for a walk.

Finally, here’s a serious reminder:  August is also “What Will Be Your Legacy?” month.

While we don’t want to wish our lives away, we should consider what our lives mean and how we’ll be remembered. According to my mother, that will be our legacy.

Grace and Gannon on the hiking trail in Buena Vista, CO.

Grace and Gannon on the hiking trail in Buena Vista, CO.

"River Walking" in Buena Vista, CO --this counts as an activity on July 27.

“River Walking” in Buena Vista, CO –this also counts as an activity on July 27.


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50 responses to “Getting Ready for DOG DAYS

  1. Carol

    Tell Maggie Teaser will be celebrating her day with her. 🐕

  2. mid-winter here, but I’ll take you up on the walks – but not the lasagne and cheesecake. I seem to be doing the winter weight-gain!

  3. That is amazing. We’re sweltering here–ready for the “Dog Days”–and you’re in mid-winter! Be sure and give us a hard time when we’re shoveling snow and you’re basking in sunshine.

  4. juliabarrett

    I love this post – and I remember our huge garden in Iowa – August would be harvest time and major canning and freezing!
    I took my pants for a walk. I don’t eat cheesecake but I do love lasagna! And I think August will be re-evaluate my life week/month.
    Hello to your pups! Jake gets to go to an S.F. Giants baseball game for the Dog Days of Summer! He’ll be dressed as #28, Buster Nosey!

    • Oh, how cute as that! #28–You go, Jake!! (I hope you’ll be going with him, Julia–you don’t want him taking off with the wrong crowd!)
      August’s Dog Days seem like a good time for me to re-evaluate, too.

  5. molly

    Perhaps we could combine days…have lasagna then cheesecake followed by a walk. I remember at Grandma’s we would always go for long walks after the wonderful dinners Grandma made. Mmmmm, I am craving some eggs a la golden rod! (see reciepes)!

    • Hmm…we might just have to make a batch of Eggs A’la Golden Rod; suddenly I’ve got a hankering, too. We’ll take the kids, our husbands and Maggie along on the walk afterwards to simplify our lives…and also work on our family’s legacy!

  6. how interesting–my dear one has been craving cheesecake. It’s not our usual indulgence (and we’ve been putting it off because it’s a guilty-cholestoral thing!) but I’m going to make his favorite cheesecake on Tuesday, and tell him it’s because it’s national cheesecake day. He’ll thank you forever.

    • I will bask in his thanks! Add some blueberries and pecans and remove the guilt thing about the cheesecake, Tracy, and he’ll thank you, too!

      • It’s not my guilt thing–the cardiologists are into that “obey-or-you-shall-surely-die” thing. He’s had some medical “heart-issues,” fairly serious. So, we tend to take them fairly seriously. But I’m definitely in favor of removing the guilt now and then (especially, after 16 years of post “trauma” survival)–goodness, no one could possibly, actually DIE from a once-yearly slice of cheesecake!

        Three cheers to the occasional cheesecake with blueberries and pecans!

      • Three cheers is right, Tracy…for both of you. Savor every sliver of cheesecake, every moment of joy and laughter and love.

  7. thank you for so many special days ahead.. national lasagna day got my attention!!! z

  8. Ah, homemade lasagna…wonderful! Have a great time: good food, good friends, toasts to life and love and laughter! Yes!

  9. Love these dates and their special “meanings” Marylin! Thanks for sharing! Robyn

    • You’re welcome, Robyn. I found a website about “naming days of the month,” but it mostly told the backgrounds of the namings (organizations, food corporations, state holidays, etc.) and didn’t tell how they went about applying for the right to name a day.

  10. Your posts are always a delight Marylin though I’m still dubious about whether you make up some of these designated days you mention.
    You Mom is right about considering what our legacy will be.I can only hope that in lieu of money, which I hope to spend disgracefully at age 101, I’ll leave a legacy hat says I was at least fun, was kind and tried to hep others. I’d rather be remembered as a nice man than a rich one ( Not that the latter is going to happen unless one of the lottery tickets lying before me has come up).
    Sending you massive hugs xxxx

    • Thank you, David. If you’ve got lottery tickets lying around, you might end up very rich. But I think you’ll be remembered as a nice man, too, rich or poor. Massive hugs back at’cha!

  11. I think I should try National Simplify your Life Week. If I succeed, I will treat myself to a belated celebration of Cheesecake Day 🙂

  12. August has come on fast this year and without the dogged out feelings. The temps here have been moderate compared to last two summers. Actually was 75 yesterday in the Midwest July! Early morning a sweater felt good, isn’t that weird for here? I hope August continues this trend of gentle days.

  13. Your post brought back so many wonderful childhood memories, Marylin. My mother also told me and my sister not to wish our lives away, life goes fast enough. Our mothers were so wise…it does go too fast. I love the attention you bring to these special days. It’s the little things in life that make for wonderful memories.

  14. Jim

    Just like her mom, Marylin grows veggies in our backyard. It’s a small garden, not big enough to make much of a dent in our food budget nor to share with neighbors, but Marylin gets giddy watching the seeds come to life and produce. Harvest time means a few servings of fresh veggies on the table, a time of appreciation and celebration in our home.

    • You are so sweet, Jim. We do have fun with our garden, but we don’t dare do the math for the seeds, soil and water. Every squash and eggplant probably costs us triple what it would cost in the store, but you never complain. Thank you for just smiling when I ask you to help me haul soil and fertilizer.

  15. I’ve had cheesecake day marked on the calendar ever since The Cheesecake Factory started their mega-marketing overload about “1/2 price sale for dine-in customers” on July 30. Between that and the lasagna I can feel my arteries clogging already!
    Great post. I love the pics, too. Colorado looks beautiful!

    • Half-price cheesecake sounds too tempting! Enjoy every bite.
      Last week I was “nanny” for our two grandchildren in Buena Vista while our daughter was working. The mountain streams and trails delighted the kids but exhausted me. I need cheesecake–or maybe LESS cheesecake and MORE exercise!

  16. I wish we had all these special days here – makes life much more fun. I’d vote for an eat salad-all-day-without -the-family-moaning day. How’s that?

  17. National Cheesecake Day? Count me in!! Blessings, Joanne

  18. The paddleboarding picture was a perfect ending touch. 8)

  19. Where do you find all these days? I like the food ones a lot – my favourites. Maybe I could make up a whole lot of days to designate my favourite foods and con Susan into subscribing. We do share the cooking, but she does the meal planning.
    The pictures are lovely.

  20. Thanks, Rod.
    Go up to the comment I left for Robyn G. about the website. The details about who named the days and why are interesting, but it doesn’t tell how or even if regular people can still officially “name” a day.
    But that shouldn’t stop us from naming our own days and having fun, right?
    (The ones I post on the blog aren’t mine, but those I found that have already been “named.”)

  21. I agree with Molly’s comments. They have the days mixed up. Take Your Pants for a Walk Day should follow National Lasagna Day and National Cheesecake Day. (Thanks for the tips on improving your health while downing a delicious cheesecake.) After the latter two, you need to get some exercise. 🙂

    Thanks, Marilyn. I look forward to celebrating the holidays you discover.

    • You and Molly have it all figured out, Judy! Okay, I’ll vote for the Lasagna and Cheesecake FIRST, too, and then the walk.
      The holidays really all fun, aren’t they? I keep finding these “special day” designations, and though I don’t know how of why they were chosen, they still are fun.

  22. dianabletter

    I second the lasagna and cheesecake motion! And I will think about what you wrote about legacies. The best inheritance to pass on to the next generation is one that contains good values and principles. Your Mom did that to you and you are passing it on!

    • Thank you, Diana. She really did build the foundation of good values and principles…plus a strong, quiet faith that I appreciate more and more. Even with the dementia, she is still my best role model.

  23. I,m late as usual but I got here in the end, shitty week , but no excuse well not all but I’ll post later..

    I like to take my pants for a walk as oft I can and off course I really need to but … i’m still trying and been out for half an hour this AM and plan to go again after here, so check one and lo and behold before I got here I asked Ishbel what she would like for dinner so Home made Lasagne it is then, check 2.

    Not bad I think

    thanks for making me smile Marylin xxxxx

  24. Keep smiling as much as possible, Tom. Chemo is a bear, but you have a wonderful family and terrific grandchildren who love you so much…and home made lasagna for dinner–Wow! Keep up those walks, enjoy the hugs, and hang tight to your spectacular feistiness! (And remember the candle at Cathedral on the Plains!)

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