AND ON THE 7th Day…

Summer Bing Cherries (all photos by Marylin Warner)

Summer Bing Cherries, perfect for seed spitting.  (all photos by Marylin Warner)



An example of SCUD comedy by a young Grace who understands the fun of "Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama"

An example of SCUD comedy by a young Grace who enjoys  the fun of “Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama”   


Rebecca Pavlenko wrote: “This day is a journey: this very moment is an adventure.”

With that in mind, let’s look at the significance of seven days in July, beginning today, the 6th.  Today is International Kissing Day. It grew out of the United Kindgom’s National Kissing Day, and it is not intended as a formal gesture but as a pleasurable and affectionate kiss. A chocolate Hersey’s Kiss is acceptable, too, as is texting kisses, but nothing beats a kiss and a hug from someone special.

Sunday, July 7, is International Cherry Pit Spitting Day. Since 1974, Eau Claire, Michigan has held a cherry pit spitting contest each year, and the current world record is 100′, 4″. But please refrain from spitting pits while in your house of worship on Sunday.

Monday, July 8, is SCUD DAY, which stands for “Savor the Comic, Unplug the Drama.”   Make it your goal to ditch the drama and appreciate the comic value of life. This is a day to laugh and encourage laughter.

Tuesday, July 9, is National Sugar Cookie Day. The American version of the sugar cookie originated in the 1700s with German settlers in Pennsylvania. This day’s sweet treat is a natural follow up for yesterday’s SCUD Day to keep you smiling.

Wednesday, July 10, is Clerihew Day, paying tribute to Edmund Clerihew Bentley (born July 10, 1875). He created the “Clerihew,” a 4-line light-hearted verse about a person.  The person’s name or nickname is the first line; all other lines are about the personality or talents. The last words on lines 1 & 2 rhyme, and the last words on lines 3 & 4 rhyme.  Come on, poets. Share you talent and write a Clerihew for us.  Please, please, please.

Thursday, July 11, is Cheer Up The Lonely Day. Visit someone, send a card, take in a meal, call and chat—choose one person who could use some cheering up—think of the impact if, all on the same day, each of us did this in a thoughtful, genuine way for one person!

Friday, July 12, is Simplicity Day, a reminder to look for ways to simplify our lives and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This holiday marks the birthday of Henry David Thoreau, who advocated a life of simple and sustainable living.

July 12, the 7th Day listed on this post, is also—drum roll, please—the 95th birthday of Mary Elizabeth Shepherd, my mother, the woman who is the focus and inspiration of this blog,“Things I Want To Tell My Mother.”  Happy Birthday, Mom!  And in spite of the dementia, “…this day, this moment is an adventure.”  I love you, Mom.  Marylin

Happy 95th birthday, Mary Shepherd!

Happy 95th birthday, Mary Shepherd!


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77 responses to “AND ON THE 7th Day…

  1. Wow, Marylin. What a milestone. Happy 95th birthday to your sweet mom!

  2. Thank you, Nancy. It is a milestone. And even though she doesn’t understand what this means, we do!

  3. I LOVE this post Marylin! And Happy birthday to your mother! Blessings, Robyn

  4. Jim

    Glad to know about July 6th: I would like my extra special kiss and hubby hug when you get back from your walk, sweet Marylin. And happy early birthday, Mary.

  5. Happy Birthday to your sweet mom!

  6. Happy birthday, Mary Elizabeth Shepherd. I hope you have a wonderful birthday (which I’m certain you will because Marilyn Warner will do her best to make this possible).

    I so enjoy the stories that your daughter shares with us.

  7. I really appreciated this post and your enduring love for your mother. You tell us and teach us so much through your gift of your stories/letters.

  8. Diana Stevan

    How lovely, your mother and my oldest daughter share the same birthday. Hope it’s a good day for your mom. She’s blessed to have you for a daughter.

  9. Thank you, Diana.
    Actually, your oldest daughter, my mother…and Henry David Thoreau all share the same birthday. Stunningly good company, I’d say!

  10. Lovely post Marilyn. A Wonderful Birthday tom your Mum as she achieves this milestone, and may you all enjoy the day together.
    xxx Hugs galore xxx

    • I am still smiling at your post about visiting the friend in the hospital. If my mother didn’t have dementia, this is a story she would chuckle at, too, and appreciate the balance between the very serious and the gently humorous!

  11. What could be better than the simple pleasure of wishing your mother a very Happy Birthday.

  12. she is so cute! wow! happy birthday! mine rolls two days after hers!

    • And a very happy birthday to you, too. There must be something very special about the births in mid-July!

      • September 30. I was due almost a month later, but my mother had “toxemia” (we now call it pre-eclampsia) and so I had to be delivered quickly and early. But somehow the last day of September fits me better; I think I wanted to be a Libra. But my lungs weren’t happy that I was delivered early and quickly.

      • we’re lucky that you arrived a month early and conquered the obstacles of life in order to bring us your touching posts.

        i am lucky that my father was 100 percent until hours before he died, we think of a blood clot thrown after a test, when i remember him, it’s with memories of a vibrant and witty man whose birthday was today!

      • Happy birthday to your father today! Those we love don’t have to be living among us to be appreciated. I’ve always thought it made much more sense to celebrate the day people were born rather than the days of their deaths, and for you to remember your vibrant and witty father’s birthday is a true Happy Birthday.

  13. Bless her – and you – on this special birthday. Maybe she’ll join in, singing “Happy birthday” and blow out the candles?

    • Oh, how I wish. The last time we tried candles on her cake was last year. She seemed kind of mesmerized, then smiled, and when she couldn’t blow them out, she reached out to them. So we’ll just stick to the tried and true cupcakes without real candles, but it will still be special.

  14. Hello Marylin.
    Happy 95th birthday for your old lady.
    How sad, the 6th passed without a kiss 😦 but I will make the rest count.

  15. Dear Marylin, Wonderful and Happy Birthday to your beautiful mother!

  16. Your mother’s beautiful smiling face has made my day, Marylin! Happy Birthday to her on the 12th! I’ll be looking forward to the 12th; a day of simplicity is something we can all use now and then.

    • I was an English teacher for 30 years, Jill, and Henry David Thoreau was one of my favorite American writers, yet it was only recently that I realized he and my mother shared the July 12th birthday. All of her life–not just now with the dementia–she was most content living simply, so it’s a perfect date for her.

  17. Amy

    Happy birthday to your mother! Love her beautiful smile.
    Thank your for the beautiful post.

  18. Your photograph of the cherries captured my attention first, only because I found some delicious “Strawberry Cherries” in the market. Guess they’re named as such because of their size. But, that last photograph is my favorite and may your mom have a great birthday this year. She has such a lovely face.

    • She’s always had a kind, lovely face, Mary.
      When she was holding the flowering plant and smiling, I took the picture, but then she asked why…and what the flowers were for. But still she was pleasant and content, just confused.

  19. This is fantastic, Marylin! What an amazing milestone. A big Happy Birthday to your mother from Australia 😀 *hugs*

  20. Thanks for the “days” reminders–I’m posting a “simplicity” post on the 12 (and I didn’t even know it was simplicity day!) I’m going to my draft right now to add a link to your blog, and to mention that it IS simplicity day! (I’m also going to celebrate the cheer up day on the 11th. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be inspired to write a clerihew on the 10th.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom on the 12th. Wishing you all a beautiful celebration of her life and love!

    • Sometimes we share ideas or the universe provides the same inspirations for all us at the same time; it’s in the hands of those who choose to take hold. I had a writing friend tell me that many years ago, and now I see the proof more and more often. Ah, the beautiful simplicity of it! I’m glad we both thought of it at the same time, Tracy.
      ~ p.s. I tried and tried to write a clerihew, so I wish you every success in writing one.

  21. Young Grace is so cute!

    Your mother looks beautiful on her birthday 🙂

    My grandmother (who suffers from dementia) just turned 94 this week. While she doesn’t understand what birthdays are anymore – and doesn’t recognize us anymore- we toasted to her and reminded ourselves of all our many memories of this wonderful woman.

    As always, thank you for this wonderful blog 🙂

    • That’s a beautiful way to celebrate in her honor, even though she’ll never realize it. Toasting her and reminding yourselves of all your many memories with your mother is a wonderful response. Happy Birthday to both of these lovely ladies!

  22. How wonderful Marylin – such a beautiful post. Bless your heart and a huge birthday wish to a wonderful woman, your Mom.

  23. I just set a reminder for July 12 so that I can remember to think about, pray for, and tell someone about beautiful Mary on her birthday.

    • Darla, you always do the most amazing things in honor of my mother, and I am sincerely touched and grateful. When I’m feeling down, I think of you telling the young girl who wanted to be a writer about my mother, and suddenly I’m smiling. You are a special gift in my life.

  24. I love it that today is SCUD day. I try to find the funny every day but to encourage others is a great idea. Happy Birthday to your Mom, too – what a milestone.

  25. Forest So Green

    Something to celebrate every day. Best wishes to you and your mother. Annie

    • Thank you, Annie, for your wishes, and also for your generosity in knitting mittens for children who will be needing them. Your post was beautiful and inspiring. If my mother could still remember her love of knitting from days gone by, she’d be helping you do the knitting.

  26. Days to remember and enjoy 🙂 Happy Birthday to a celebrated Mary Elizabeth!

  27. She may just enjoy the cupcakes and not understand an event, but it will still be a happy time. There’s always something to celebrate!

  28. I bet the family can’t wait to celebrate that milestone birthday. Then you can kiss, and spit cherries, and eat cookies… Should be a fun day!

  29. juliabarrett

    Happy birthday to your lovely mom and now I gotta go spit some cherry pits.

  30. I can’t believe there are so many significant days! ‘International Cherry Pit Spitting Day’ is a blast 😉

    • I have no idea how some of these ideas become “special days” on the calendar, but this one is funny. We used to spit watermelon seeds at each other as we raced around the yard, which was safer than spitting cherry seeds on several levels!

  31. Happy belated birthday wishes to your mom. Today is cheer up the lonely day. I’ve got some emailing to do.

    • Actually, you’re early. Her birthday is tomorrow on the 12th, but the birthday greetings are welcomed any time.
      Our neighborhood is filling with long-time, lovely older friends, and in the last 3 years several have lost spouses or faced serious illness themselves. Tomorrow we’ll make several visits.

  32. dianabletter

    When I think of SCUD, I think of Scuds, the rockets that Iraq blasted on Israel in 1991~ Ha ha. Yes, I hope you are still celebrating your Mom’s birthday and all the wonderful holidays and birthdays! You have so many blessings, Marylin! Great post. Thank you!

    • Oh, I know, Diana. When I first saw “SCUD” day, I wondered who would devote a national day for appreciating Scuds. Then I read the acronym and loved it. I do have so many blessings, and I’m very grateful.

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  34. I love all the additional days of the month! I usually post a monthly list of a few of the special days! I like to include the moon and other facts, too. I love the warmth of your mother’s smile and she definitely looks lovable and huggable! Happy 95th to her and enjoy everything! Grace was also very sweet photo!

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