Things that make me feel grateful.
#1 ~ houses for families of birds.

#2 ~ a deer in the yard…not in the oven
(sorry, hunters)











Dear Mom,

Aesop (Greek storyteller and fabulist, best known for AESOP’S FABLES) wrote: “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”

Although Thanksgiving Day was one of your favorite holidays, it didn’t take a holiday filled with family, friends and food for you to be grateful. By your example, you taught me to stop, look, and listen for things to be thankful for, and appreciate anything that made me smile and made the day (and the world) better.  So today, in honor of your thankfulness lesson, I’m sharing some pictures of   things that make me grateful.

Thank you for your noble soul, Mom.  Love, Marylin

(Rainbow photo by Jim Warner; Apple snacks photo by Molly Mosher;  all other photos by Marylin Warner)

(#8, at the bottom: Baby pictures of adults.)

#5 ~ Double Rainbows

# 3 ~ Colorful street trashcan art

#4 ~ Apple Teeth Snacks (peanut butter, marshmallows and
apple slices) made for the kids by your granddaughter, Molly

#6 ~ Chapman, KS schools’ new logo, after the tornado, and after
Notre Dame made them stop using the fighting leprechaun they’d used
since 1967 – way to go, little Irish town!!!

#7 ~ A dachshund visiting the elderly, and getting
happy hugs


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46 responses to “THE SIGN OF NOBLE SOULS

  1. molly

    Love it, Mom.

    The same things you are thankful for WOULD BE the same kind of things Grandma would be thankful for !

  2. juliabarrett

    I love the concept of the noble soul. This will be a tough Thanksgiving for us, probably not celebrated in the traditional sense, but a celebration of thanks if my father survives this surgery. Some things are more important than a big turkey.

    • You and your father are surrounded by love and prayers, Julia.
      As you drive to the hospital, take note of simple, overlooked things to be grateful for. Feed your soul in advance; stockpile against the moments you don’t feel grateful.

  3. beautiful and sweet tribute to your mother.

    • Thanks. You know, when I have my laptop with me as I visit my mom, I still open to your wonderful main page (the “hand” art)–my mother loves this picture and always smiles.

      • i continue to be amazed with that and am touched. the design is ‘verbatim’ copy of a precolumbian relic from the jama coaque indians. they produced many ceramic ‘stamps’ though no one is real sure what they were used for.. most likely to print on textiles.

        the hand image is used a lot, though that one is my favorite. actually, those swirls were a challenge to draw correctly!

        have you ever put headphones on your mother while playing some of her favorite tunes? i would like to do more research in that…


  4. I love the quote and it is fitting not only this time of year but daily. Your mom has brought many smiles and happy memories into your home and gratitude is indeed a noble virtue.

  5. Judy Berman

    Your photos and your beautiful nod to your Mom really made my day. There is much to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to your and your loved ones.

  6. I love that you are not bitter about your mother’s disease. You are still grateful. I salute you, Noble Soul. Happpy Thanksgiving! (every day 🙂

  7. Alice

    Your life is rich in gratitude.

    • It is, Alice, and for that I’m especially thankful. One of my biggest blessings was being raised by a realist but hopeful “PollyAnna-type” mother who always found something to be grateful for.

  8. Wonderful shots of favorite things.(I hear Julie Andrews singing in my head.) Moms show us how to “see” so much. I was with mine earlier this week, and I marveled at how much more she sees than I do. So, I watch and learn. I hope I can keep up! Happiest of Thanksgivings!

  9. Nancy Parker Brummett

    I’m grateful to see all these things, too! Thanks.

  10. Lovely things to be grateful for! Last year and the year before we saw double rainbows. They may not seem like a big deal but considering you see a rainbow in San Diego probably once a year if you’re lucky, it was a great experience. Oh, a double rainbow, what does it mean??? 😉

  11. Happy thanksgiving indeed 🙂 I love the bird houses put together 🙂

  12. Every time I read your posts (and see a comment from your daughter) I know your mother is SO happy: her life lessons were well received.
    Your blog is proof that each of us makes an impact that ripples long after we’re gone. I absolutely LOVE reading your posts!

    • Thank you, especially for thinking that my mother is happy knowing her life lessons have been well received. I like to think so, too, though it’s hard sometimes when she’s very confused.

  13. The relationship between mother and daughter isn’t always easy, love your writing.

    • You’re so right, Olivia. And in the best of relationships there are still bumpy roads and struggles. But at the core, the relationship between mother and daughter (and great-grandmother, grandmother, daughter and granddaughter) is a strong, sacred bond.

  14. What a treat to have a deer in your yard and I couldn’t agree with you more – not in the oven!
    Your Mother taught you an invaluable lesson

  15. We’re not a family of hunters, and we don’t eat venison. (My favorite movie as a child was BAMBI.) Living in Colorado near the Garden of the Gods, we have many visits by deer, and some bears, raccoons, and even a mountain lion once. Our trees and plants pay the price with each visit by the deer, but I can’t imagine shooting one.

  16. Hi Marylin,
    Your title and the birdhouses drew me in like a magnet.
    And then sharing your story about your mom was wonderful.
    I also loved the teeth, very funky! 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  17. Grace “volunteered” her mom to make healthy snacks for Halloween for her 4th grade class. Molly made these great snacks, and the kids loved them. Just slice a red apple into eighths, spread on creamy peanut butter to hold two slices together, and stick on the mini-marshmallow teeth. They’re great to eat and a lot of fun. We want her to fix some for Thanksgiving and call them Pilgrim Teeth. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, too, Tracy.

  18. What a nice Thanksgiving tribute for your Mom! THANKS for visiting my “pun-ny” photoblog and leaving several “likes.” I can’t help hearing plants, animals, and objects “talk.”
    –John R.:

    P.S. I can’t wait to make “Apple teeth”!

  19. Nancy Saltzman

    Great photos and thoughts that brought a smile to my face! Thank you!

  20. This is really very special – your souls continue to touch each other.

  21. Hi Marilyn:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking some posts. It gave me a chance to find you and your blog.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


  22. beautifully written and precious thoughts , Marylin.

  23. This a beautiful piece and true testament to a grateful heart.
    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you! .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥

  24. As a vegetarian, thank you for the deer in the yard, not in the oven. And I saw that double rainbow! Well, at least I saw one in Carlsbad!

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