AMAZING BIRTHDAY with Grace and Gannon

Hi, Mom,

Your granddaughter Molly and your great-grandchildren Grace and Gannon came to celebrate an early 94th birthday with you. They had a great time, and now they are the guest bloggers with their story. Here it is:





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21 responses to “AMAZING BIRTHDAY with Grace and Gannon

  1. I love this. Mor Mor – so touching. What a lovely family you have.

  2. Molly

    Those are MY kiddos…..Julia…….I am one proud Momma (which makes me the Mor). I am very prouds of those little people. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Gannon

    This is my first blog. My name is Gannon! It is fun to write a blog, especially about my Mor-Mor-Mor. Thank you.

  4. How sweet! You have good reason to be proud. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Susan. It gives us a lot of joy to see Grace and Gannon so willing and eager to plan a 94th birthday party for their Mor-Mor-Mor and actually have fun with the decorating, singing and helping her celebrate.

  5. Jim

    What a nice party, Molly, Grace and Gannon. It was very loving of you. (I’d probably ask you to sing “Happy Birthday” three times!)

    • We miss you, Grandpa! Grace and Gannon (and Trevor, Molly and I) are waiting for you and Maggie to leave the fires and smoke of Colorado and join us in fresh air, 109 degree temps, and air conditioning! See you tomorrow.

  6. Glee Kracl

    Oh, Marylin, How I am enjoying your letters to your mom. Each time you write I can see your mom in each situation. Always smiling, always gentle. Less than two years ago, she came to mom’s visitation and she was still the sweet, smiling, warm lady! Your grandchildren are blessed to have you as their “mormor”. Glee

    • Good to hear from you, Glee! Bless her heart, Mom may not know exactly who those sweet redheads are or why they’re there, but she loves all children so she smiles and eats the cupcake and enjoys the singing. Our mothers both had that loving, open and encouraging way with children, and now you and I are the grandmothers (except I’m called Mor-Mor).
      This is the amazing, thrilling part, having it all come full circle. Thanks for visiting the blog, Glee.

  7. Megan Wighaman (Hughson)

    What lovely children you have. They sure know how to celebrate someone who is very special. What a great mama you must be 🙂

    • Molly


      Thank you for the very kind words. These kiddos are pretty amazing when it comes to the important things in life. Sometimes they are just silly, goofy and obnoxious…..but when it really matters they step up to the plate. I love watching you and your kiddos through Facebook…..I would say that Crownridge Drive produced some pretty good moms!

  8. What a lovely tribute, Marylin, to your mom…as well as to you and your daughter, Molly! We are all fortunate to be able to share these precious moments with you.

    • Thank you, Vivian. This has been the wonderful surprise of writing the blog and joining with other bloggers. When I read your posts and enjoy the pictures and your reviews and details of children’s books, I feel like I right there, sharing in the fun.

  9. Jan Warhurst

    Good job Grace and Gannon…Enjoyed reading your blog. These are memories for you that will last a lifetime!

  10. That has become the plan, for Grace and Gannon to have experiences with their great-grandmother (my mom) and learn about her life even though the dementia has prevented her telling them the stories on her own. It’s very touching the way memories are coming together. Thanks for visiting our blog, Jan. Please come again.

  11. Nancy Parker Brummett

    Very sweet, Marylin. And they will remember this always.

    • We hope so, Nancy. Especially when they’re older and have children of their own. We’re in very hot but clean-breathing-air Kansas now, watching the Westside evacuations continue via live KRDO web. We wonder what memories of the Flying W, Garden of the Gods, our neighborhood and Manitou will remain when this is all over. It’s a heartbreaker.

  12. Debbi Freeman

    Molly, you have most charming children I have met in a very long time. The things that they do amaze me. Someday when they are grown and have children of their own, the stories they will have to tell them. Thank you for instiling that quality of life doesn’t end until the end.

  13. Molly

    Trevor and I both have similar thoughts on what it takes to make GOOD kids…but it is with the help of community members and friends like YOU that it makes it possible to follow through with all these plans and things we want to do with them. Thank you for all you do for our kids, yours and many others.

    🙂 Molly

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