In the 15th century, Father’s Day was first celebrated in England during the reign of King George II. In America, Father’s Day began in 1910 at a YMCA in Spokane, Washington, started by Sonora Smart Dodd. America arrived late with its Father’s Day proclamation, and our celebration wasn’t initiated by royalty, but by a woman from Arkansas who realized the importance of good men who are also good fathers and grandfathers. In my opinion, a Father’s Day tribute established by a grateful daughter trumps a king any day.

Father’s Day has never garnered the retail sales successes of greeting cards and flowers of Mother’s Day, maybe because men miss the joys of morning sickness, labor and childbirth, stretch marks and all the Flesh Badges of Courage that mothers enjoy. But we all know the fathers who are REAL dads and grandpas, who are essential and strong and loving, who are there for the children and grandchildren…and also there for the mothers of those children.

Pope John XXIII said, “It is easier for a father to have children than for children to have a real father.”  He was right. Unfortunately.

This blog is for the REAL MEN who step up to the daddy and grandpa plate, not just when it’s convenient but constantly, whenever children want and need help, and sometimes even when they don’t. It’s also for the dads, step dads, adopted and foster dads, grandpas, uncles and role models who encourage, shelter and guide the children who count on them. THANK YOU.

At our house this Father’s Day, the Kansas clan came to Colorado and we celebrated in 5-Star grandeur. A one-inning softball game in the park, without enough players to cover the bases but with a dog at short stop, the stellar antics of an 8-year-old pitcher and lots of cheering for each other. Then came a patio picnic of baked burritos, pizza, watermelon, and for dessert amazing cupcakes with ornaments that were also rings. With the gooey icing still staining our faces, we wore the rings like emblems of a secret club. We are a club, a family club, but it’s no secret. When it comes to celebrating Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, average days and anything family, we’re obvious…and sometimes a tad embarrassing, but always genuine. Hugs and laughter, and trading sticky cupcake rings and mushy “I love you” kisses.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy Trevor and Grandpa Jim, and special thoughts to those who have gone before and made today possible ~ Great-grandpa Ray, Opa Warner, and the wonderful uncles and cousins and friends we hope watched our fumbling Father’s Day softball game and smiled down on us all.  WE THANK YOU.



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  1. I’m a big fan of real men who step up to the plate in life. And I like baseball too!

  2. Molly

    I am a huge fan of REAL MEN. Especially men who step up to be the best-est daddies…when they didn’t have to. My dad is one of those men. Then he continued on to be the best grandpa. Grace,Gannon and I are beyond lucky to have you! Love you so much daddy/grandpa! We are so excited we got to spend the day with you!

    • I almost added that the first baseman threw up on the sidelines, but that would have been gross. But since this is just between us ;=) I can say that Gannon knows how to make room for picnic food and cupcakes. This was a great day!

    • Jim

      Thank you, Molly. Today might be the best Father’s Day ever. And your comment on Mor-Mor’s blog is the perfect ending to the day. My family means everything to me. I am the “lucky” one to be part of your life with Trevor (another REAL Dad), Grace and Gannon. I love you. Dad

  3. Oh here on the plains and prairie it is HOT today. Too much real summer slipping in. It sounds like you had a nice day with family. Are you near the fires at all…are they causing you any grief close by?

    • Today began almost cold in Colorado Springs, and beautiful. By afternoon it was 93 and we were beginning to catch whiffs of smoke…and not from bar-b-qs. They’re warning that tomorrow the smoke from the fires nw of Ft. Collins will meet with the smoke from the newest fire down south. Yesterday at the store I saw people already wearing face masks outside. This could be a long haul, Claudia.

  4. Great thoughts, Marylin. I was happy to hear the origin of Father’s Day. Heard a funny joke that it started when, about a month or so after Mother’s Day, some guys said, “Hey, wait a minute, what about us?”

  5. Great post as usual Marylin. I nearly posted a sombre one about my horrible dad, maybe one day….

    As for me, I had a good day on Saturday with our beautiful youngest Jennifer and three of the G/daughters. Visited their school for the summer fair and then a nice long walk round the nearby lake, they made me feel special, and to top it off we had a great home cooked meal… great day

    • That makes you even more inspiring, Tom. Good dads and grandfathers who, themselves, did not have good dads or grandfathers, are exceptional men with goodness at their core, stronger than the influences they endured. Bravo, Grandpa Tom, or as your granddaughter Holly says, “You’re a Muppet!”

  6. I’m still waiting to meet a “real man” but I enjoyed your post very much, especially the quote from the pope. I don’t know why but I think it’s a lot more natural for a mother to be maternal than for a father to be paternal, even though there are plenty of exceptions on both sides.

    • I was amazed that Pope John XXIII could–and would–nail the fathering truth so accurately. And I’m always amazed, and also touched and encouraged, by the really good men who step up and invest in the lives and well being of children who are not biologically theirs, while some biological fathers walk away and don’t look back. But some women do that, too, so you just never know. This Father’s Day, I looked at my daughter and my grandchildren and how strong and kind and confident they are, and I felt a surge of thankfulness for the men in their lives, the dad and granddad who play a strong role in that.

  7. Wonderful, Marilyn! (Where in CO do you live? That state is my “home away from home”.)

  8. Colorado Springs, which will supposedly be the center point of all the accumulating smoke from all the fires to the NW, W and SW of us. We live in walking distance from The Garden of the Gods, but we still spend a lot of time in Kansas to be with family.

  9. I join you in your homage to the men who are THERE for those they love and who love them. I am blessed to have many in my life.

    • I agree, and with a full heart I am thankful for the many men in my live who are strong and kind and encouraging. There are some awful ones out there, too, but we can’t let them ruin the reputations of the good ones.

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