3 Words: Shining a Light ~ ABC’s Robin Roberts









Five years ago, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts fought breast cancer. Today, with her colleagues at her side, she announced that she has Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare reaction to the chemo that helped her beat the cancer.  MDS is a blood disorder that affects the bone marrow and blood cells, and in an emotional and grateful moment Robin shared that her older sister is a nearly identical match and will be her donor.

Robin says she will beat MDS; her doctors say she’ll beat it, and her faith says she will. It’s a faith she learned from her mother, who says: “Everybody’s got somethin’.” (A profound 3-word reminder.)  Robin vows to focus on the fight…not the fright.


We wish Robin Roberts the very best and thank her for “Shining A Light” and inspiring us all.




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10 responses to “3 Words: Shining a Light ~ ABC’s Robin Roberts

  1. Willow

    After reading this blog, I realize that all the banter of three word phrases with my dad is fun, but I have decided that my new life motto is going to be, “Shining a Light”!

    I want to make a difference in all that I do. I plan to really live my life witht that motto in mind!

    Thank you Marylin and Robin Roberts!


    • Sometimes shorter really is more effective. Robin Roberts’ mother’s simple, direct statement–“Everybody’s got somethin'”–reminded me that no one has it easy, everyone struggles with something, and we can help and uphold each other. Thanks for writing, Willow. Choosing “Shining a Light” as your motto is a tribute to Robin’s struggles, but also a determined focus for yourself.

  2. Molly

    Mom, it seems that once again, you were ahead of the times. 3 worded phrases, are the hot topic in the world! You have always been ahead of the times, and have set pathways (or major roads) for people to follow. The way you sense the things that will be important to people is amazing, and very admirable.

    Here is my 3 word phrase for you – – – “WAY TO GO”

    • Robin Roberts’ example today made the 3-word phrase important and admirable, but having my daughter respond with “Way to Go” is Very Special Praise (3 words that express what I really feel). Thanks, Molly.

  3. Nancy Parker Brummett

    Amen, Marylin. I was sorry to hear she has to go through this but know she will use it for good and make it a chance to share her faith.

    • And, again, she will teach and inspire us. Jim and I watched the entire “announcement” and interview last evening, and never once did she resent the effects of the chemo (which were hard enough, and then caused this). She was grateful that her sister was a match and there with her, that she was surrounded by good, supportive friends, family, doctors and prayers. Her sense of thankfulness truly was “shining a light.”

  4. It doesn’t fit, but this is what I think when reading your posts Marylin;

    ‘Adversity should Hold no Fear for the Fearless’

  5. Hope you will read the new books by Robin Roberts and her mom, Lucimarian Roberts– “My Story, My Song: Mother-Daughter Reflections on Life and Faith.”

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