AND THE WINNERS ARE… (drumroll, please…)

As always, I was touched and inspired by the contest entries. For anyone interested in writing and submitting greeting card verse ideas for placement within the industry, check out the Greeting Card Association website,, for valuable tips and information. Also, the 2012 Writers Market lists nineteen card companies willing to work with freelancers and lists the websites, contact names, addresses, needs, pay rates, etc. for each company.

Special thanks go to the judges, all of whom are trusted writer friends who genuinely care about helping other writers. The judges give their time and energy to this contest for very low pay–I buy them breakfast when we meet to add up the scores–and though we have a good time arguing and even coming up with a few of our own off-the-cuff cards, I’m still very grateful. Writing is hard work. Giving up some of their own writing time to judge is a gift.

Just a note about the point system. You will see that SECOND PlACE has a three-way tie, and the JUDGES’ SPECIAL AWARD has a tie. I know that some contests bring in a new judge as a tiebreaker, and I also know that sometimes the decision comes down to a coin toss. Neither way is what my mother would do, and I don’t play that way, either. When there are same-point ties, both/all of the entries with that score receive the full prize. To read all the entries in the contest, return to the COMMENT boxes connected to “New Contest! Write a Greeting Card for Mother’s Day” and “One Week to Deadline”


FIRST PLACE: “Being In The Middle” by Cinamyn ($25.00)

Judge’s comment: “…it was the vividly described pictures that got to me, illustrating the authenic theme that those who think they’re average are actually very special…one in a million…and so are their mothers!”

(Front cover–4 sections)

I may not be the prettiest (picture of 3 girls standing, as if winning a beauty contest–our girl, the fourth, is behind them, waving from behind)

Or the best to drive a car. (our girl in a car crashed into a mailbox)

I may not be the fastest (our girl standing with her hand shielding the sun from her eyes and several runners in the distance)

Or the smartest one by far. (our girl holding up a paper marked with a B)


Being in the middle is the hardest place to be. (our girl standing in the middle of a crowd)

But you always made me feel special by saying, “You’re one in a million to me!” (our girl and mother hugging in the middle of the crowd, highlighted)

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mom. You’re one in a million!

Happy Mother’d day!


SECOND PLACE (Three-Way TIE; Each writer receives $15.00):

Judges’ comments:

-for Sarah’s “The Best Mom for my Grandson”–“I loved that this card used a different name than Grandma, yet all grandparents can relate to it…Nana’s pride and love are so obvious…”

– for Luola’s “Single Mom”–”As a single mother, I hope my son always knows how much I struggle, care, sacrifice and give…and how very much I love him. Luola’s card hit the nail on the head about what it is to be a single mom.”

– for Margaret C’s “Where Babies Come From”–”Any woman who has adopted a baby, or any child who was adopted, will cherish this brief, wise, heartfelt card. The rest of us look on, reading the message, and applauding this loving tribute.”

“The Best Mom For My Grandson” by Sarah

(Cover Art: A young lady standing alone)

Cover Message:

You told me you were pregnant!

My heart, it skipped a beat!

Then I started crying from

The joy within my heart!

(Inside Art: A young mom, a little boy, and a Nana)

Inside Message:

You are the best mom for my grandson.

I couldn’t be more proud.

I am proud to be your mom,

Proud to be his Nana.

~     ~     ~

“Single Mom” by Luola

For all your struggles & all your care

For letting me know you would always be there

For the sacrifices you made & all the sleepless nights

For the hugs & kisses to say it will be all right

You’ve given so much, what a great price to pay

So for you I will make every day Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you, Mommy!

~     ~     ~

“Where Babies Come From” by Margaret C.

(Cover art) Two Women. One is pregnant. The other wears a Big Red Heart.



(Inside message)  THANKS FOR ADOPTING ME, MOM.


JUDGES’ SPECIAL AWARDS: (Tie; Each writer receives $10.00)

The Special Awards are for entries that one or more of the judges felt had an extra special quality. For Cassandra’s “Mother Mine,” two of the judges applauded the rich imagery: reading stories under a steam tent; standing in line to buy a young girl roller skates when metal was scarce during the war, etc.  For Sam’s “Mom, My Wife Thanks You,” one judge laughed out loud, saying every man would get it, and there’s a shortage of funny greeting cards for men to send to their moms at Mother’s Day.”

“Mother Mine” by Cassandra

My mother, pretty,

Vivacious, smiley, always

Steadfast in support.

She read me dog stories

Under a steam tent when the

Measles would not break out.

She stood four hours in

Line to secure roller skates

When metal was for war.

She heard hours of teen

Drama, always on my side.

She saw the humor.

She was a mirror

Guiding me to find myself.

We were so much alike.

She’s gone to a better

World now. I miss most our

Long walking talks.


“Mom, My Wife Thanks You” by Sam

(Cover Art) An odd looking couple holding out a nicely wrapped present.

(Cover Message) Mom, my wife thanks you for teaching me these

three things:

1. Never hit girls

2. Always put down the lid

3. Never forget where you came from…

(Inside Message)    Eeeeeeewwwwww.

Thanks Mom. Happy Mother’s Day


And so, dear readers of this blog, another writing contest in honor of Mary Elizabeth Shepherd’s writing talents has come to an end. I close with this Mother’s Day quote:

From the popular long-running TV sitcom, The Golden Girls, comes this sensitive, thoughtful nugget:  “It’s not easy being a mother. If it were easy, fathers would do it.”


To paraphrase FORREST GUMP, I hope this Mother’s Day was like a box of Chocolate-covered Strawberries. Yum!

(With special thanks to Molly,Trevor,Grace and Gannon for the delicious gift!)


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21 responses to “AND THE WINNERS ARE… (drumroll, please…)

  1. All were nice, but it is easy to see why the first one is the winner. Such an extraordinary card!

    • For all of us who’ve ever felt caught in the middle or just average, it’s a 5-star winner!

      • Cinamyn c

        Thank you so much To Molly for showing me this great site. I’m looking forward to the next contest you have 🙂 maybe I’ll look into the card submission details 🙂 thanks so much to everyone for their wonderful comments. This is really close to my heart since I am and always will be in the middle 🙂

  2. juliabarrett

    Sweet sweet picture and lovely poems – and thoughts!

    • Thanks, Julia. For almost 94, my mom is still beautiful, and sweetly wonderful. Over the phone she tries to help with the judging, but usually she falls asleep. I’ll take them all back to Kansas and read them to her, like a story. She loves stories.

  3. These are all absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you, K. I was thinking about all the close calls your mother has been through in the last several months. Mother’s Day is a time of special celebration for you both!

  4. What a wonderful collection of Mother’s Day cards!!!! Congratulations to all of the winners…and to everyone who penned words of love and/or humor to celebrate mothers. 🙂 Thank you, Marylin, for offering us the opportunity to contribute!

  5. Sam

    Thank you for running this contest. Today after my wife and daughter and I all checked to see who the winners were, I got to strut around like King for a Day….of course I still had to mow the lawn, and take out the trash…..but at least in my head I was KING.

    Next contest should be a beer slogan writing contest, I bet I could get first in that one!


    • Uh, Sam…a beer slogan writing contest?
      FYI, Mary Elizabeth Shepherd (these contests are in her honor) is a good Brethren lady and has probably never even tasted a beer…or even washed her hair with beer. ;=)
      Enjoy your King for a Day, Sam, and thanks for entering the contest!

      • Sam

        Oh, I guess I misunderstood….I thought that your mother was kind of forgetful, and so you could convince her that beer was one of her favorite things EVER!

        OH WELL, it was worth a try! Thanks again for the cool contest…..


  6. Margaret

    After sending this card to my mom, and how much she cried over it (but in a good way), I was thrilled enough…..but then to find out that it also was a winner is beyond thrilling. Thank you so much!

    Then the wonderfully sweet things from the judge’s notes were the icing on the cake.

    I have already been on the card writing websites, and I think that I am going to try and write a couple more cards. I even have set up a new email account to use specifically just for my card writing endeavors.

    Thanks again to you and all your judges.

    Margaret C.

  7. Willow


    This is Willow, and my mom is here too (we are kind of connected to Sam). We just want you to know that we are not giving up without a fight…my dad may think he is the King for a day….but we are determined to beat him on the next contest. (Please don’t do the beer contest…..maybe a Brethren prayer contest in honor of your mother’s religion)! We are Methodist.

    Dad’s day of being King is over here in Missouri.

    Thanks again for the really fun contest……


  8. Molly

    There were SO many great cards, I am not sure how the judges were able to pick winners…..although the winners are definitely AWESOME!!! Way to go card creators……….this was a fun contest to watch.

    Grandma would be so proud of all of you that entered the contest.

  9. Congratulations to all the winners, nice to also know that kind hearts do exist in this little war torn spiteful planet that looks as if it could implode in on itself

    Keep caring, keep loving and Marylin YOU KEEP SHARING ALL these nice folks with us


  10. What a wonderful contest, Marylin! Inspiring results. And I love the picture of your mom with flowers–something I can imagine that she still responds to. She would be proud of what you are doing for all of us.

    • Thanks, Karen. She did love the flowers–the peonies, especially–though the colors of the iris and roses intrigued her. I’m with her now, and I’ve been reading the Mother’s Day card entries aloud to her. She closes her eyes and I think she’s sleeping, but occasionally she’ll say things or ask if that’s someone we know. These blogs are memories I try to record for Mom’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I want them to remember the woman we knew but they can’t begin to remember without some help.

  11. To the readers, and especially to the judges: Cassandra, author of “Mother Mine,” posted a comment and thank you under the blog “One Week To Deadline.” Please go to that comment list to read it.

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