This Mother’s Day, remember that Home Is Where Your Story Begins.

Think like a child and make a Mother’s Day Card for Mom, Grandma, Aunt Sally, or a favorite teacher.

Write like a husband, boyfriend or best friend and tell your special woman how wonderful she is. Or write a general greeting card that anyone could send to almost anyone at Mother’s Day. Write a message that makes the judges go “Aw” or “Wow,” that makes them smile, or laugh out loud, or brush away a tear.

It can be a poem, a story, a bumper-sticker message…your voice, your choice.  This is your chance to join in the creative fun!

Three cash prizes, and NO ENTRY FEE. (Check the “New Contest! post below this one for full details, and read some of the entries in the comment boxes.)

The deadline is 8:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time on Mother’s Day,Sunday, May 13, 2012. Winners will be posted on May 20.

 Where Does Your Story Begin?



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21 responses to “ONE WEEK TO DEADLINE!!!

  1. Great post, Marylin! I love that you are encouraging people to tap into their inner creative spirit…yes, we all have one!!!! I’ll tweet this. You should have dozens, if not hundreds, of entries for this fun contest…maybe people are too busy reading “Fifty Shades” or shopping for groceries or watching a game on the sports network. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Vivian. Life IS busy, that’s for sure. But creativity is the icing on the cupcake after a busy day. We’ve received some amazing entries so far, but the main theme of these writing contests is my mother’s philosophy: Everyone has something important to say.

  3. Molly

    Mom…..I think that this contest is great, and the entries you have so far are great…..I hope that there are some additional ones to really make the judges “work” to pick a winner……………..

  4. Willow

    (Cover Art) Black and White Photograph of a 50’s-type mother in apron and heels.
    (Cover Message) In your generation, Mom, rowdy kids made their moms say, “At least they keep us on our toes.”

    (Inside Message) Thanks to my generation, Mom, you and your friends can say, ” At least they keep on our meds!”

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    Willow (Sam and Marie’s daughter), Missouri, same email address

    • Welcome to the contest, Willow. Your “50’s-type card and Today card” is now entered. Wow, now we have entries from you, your dad and your mom, all from Missouri!
      Do we have any other families or parents and kids who want to enter their individual Mother’s Day card verses?
      Do any other states want to challenge Missouri?

      You’ve go six days to enter!

  5. I’m gonna do it, I really am… no, really! 🙂

    • Excellent, Pamela! I look forward to reading your entry. You’ve got lots of time…4 days is plenty!

      • Hi Marylin, you inspired me to write this… (which I am further inspired to post on my blog as a Mother’s Day wish to all Mothers – with a link back to you, of course)…
        As daughters, we all grow up thinking “I’m never going to be like my Mother.”
        As we get older, and a little bit wiser, we start asking ourselves “What would my Mother do?”
        As we become Mothers ourselves, we can’t help but say “I’m just like my Mother.”

        For some, we can’t see our Mothers on Mother’s Day.
        For others, we spend every minute of every day with our Mothers.
        For all, we love our Mothers.

        On this Mother’s Day, may we all thank our Mothers for giving us life.
        On this Mother’s Day, may we all send kisses to the sky or hugs to our heroes.
        On this Mother’s Day, may we tell our Mothers just how much we love them.

        Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers everywhere, new or old, here on earth or up in Heaven.

      • You did it, Pamela, you really did. Your “Being Like Our Mothers” (I give each entry a title for the judges–no other ID goes to them) is now entered in the contest.

  6. HI, Marilyn!
    I wrote a poem that is really long for all those who mothered me through my crazy life…but it’s pretty sappy and long. Not certain is card material but wanted you to know you inspired me nonetheless! 🙂 Happy Mothers Day to you!

    • Thank you, Lorraine. I’m happy if the contest inspired you. Three others have emailed, and
      like you, they ended up writing journals, memoir pieces, or long, what you call “sappy” but is probably
      very wonderful–but also personal. If this contest inspired people to think of special moments with their
      mothers, grandmothers, etc., then it is a success and a tribute to my own mother’s life.

    • P.S. Lorraine,
      If you change your mind and want to share the “long and sappy” verse (and you might be surprised how many readers will relate to it!) You still have a day and a half to enter! Just nudging…

  7. Cassandra

    Mother Mine

    My mother, pretty,
    Vivacious, smiley, always
    Steadfast in support.

    She read me dog stories
    Under a steam tent when the
    Measles would not break out.

    She stood fours hours in
    Line to secure roller skates
    When metal was for war.

    She heard hours of teen
    Drama, always on my side.
    She saw the humor.

    She was a mirror
    Guiding me to find myself.
    We were so much alike.

    She’s gone to a better
    World now, I miss most our
    Long walking talks.

    Cassandra, tigerbright83@msn, Colorado

    • Thank you, Cassandra. “Mother Mine” is now entered in the contest.

    • Cassandra Thomas

      I went back and forth weighing whether or not to be specific or general in writing for Marylin Warner’s Mother’s Day Contest. I am glad I chose the fiction writer’s practice of being specific because two of the judges appreciated the effort. I was happy they connected to the imagery. Thank you very much, dear judges.

      • I’m glad the judges helped you decide, Cassandra.
        For those of you reading this comment, as it turned out Cassandra’s “Mother Mine” was chosen as a judges’ Special Award in the contest.

        For all the readers: I’m glad the judges’ comments are helpful for your writing efforts. They are writers who’ve “been there” and really do want to make your journey easier.

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  9. Single Mom

    For all your struggles & all your care
    For letting me know you would always be there
    For the sacrifices you made & all the sleepless nights
    For the hugs & kisses to say it will be alright
    You given so much, what a great price to pay
    So for you I will make everyday Mother’s Day.
    Happy Mother’s Day! I love you Mommy!

  10. Jasmin Matias

    I remember my childhood memories with my mother. All our family traditions , the smell of a home full of love and annoying siblings. The smell of her delicious spanish home cooked meals and the warm hugs she gave me at random times just to let me know for the 50th time thats day , that she loved me, and was thinking about me. Things between us might not be as good as they were 12 years ago , but i still thank her for raising me and teaching me to be the smart, young , classy lady i am today. Dont get me wrong i still the old times , as if it was yesturday that i was that 7 years old little mommas girl , and then today everything just vanished and is all a sudden blur.

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