VODKA, One of the Spices of Life

Oh, Mom, you’re going to get a chuckle out of this.

Did you know that, according to recent articles, there are all kinds of uses for VODKA, other than drinking it, of course?

Vodka can remove a price tag or a sticker that won’t peel off. It can also clean mold off a shower curtain and prevent the mold from reappearing. And get this, vodka is also a room deodorizer! Mix it with equal parts water and spray it in the air, and voila! the vodka supposedly freshens the air.

Remember one of the uses for vodka you discovered in the early 80s? You read an article that said to add a teaspoon of chili pepper or hot sauce to four tablespoons of vodka and mix well. Then rub it gently–very gently–into the scalp where hair was thinning. The warm combination supposedly stimulated hair regrowth.

Molly was only three or four, and we were visiting you in Ft. Scott when you showed me your concoction. We always have fun with your experiments, and this time was no different. Dad was our volunteer that evening (he kind of volunteered), and in addition to rubbing a couple of places on his scalp, I also massaged the vodka-pepper mix around his sinus spots that were aching. You know, if a little bit is good, a lot has to be better.

The next morning as we were all dressing to go to church, I went to put in my contact lenses, and guess what? The residual was still on my fingertips! I was howling at the heat and pain in my eyes, and you and Molly tried to help with cold wash clothes and splashing water. Then, when you looked closely at Dad, he had a red rash where the mixture had been rubbed into his skin.

We all survived, and it made a funny story once I could see again and Dad’s skin cleared up. But I remember you emptied the vodka down the drain because, well, the experiment was over, right? I can tell you this now, Mom, I really could have used a vodka tonic then, and you wasted a perfectly good bottle. Or if we’d known then what we know now, we could have at least cleaned the shower curtain.

Ah, the memories–and the laughter–we’ve shared, Mom. The spices of life.

Thank you.  Love, Marylin                                                                        



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15 responses to “VODKA, One of the Spices of Life

  1. juliabarrett

    Wow! Never looked at Vodka that way! Next time I find a sticker stuck on a frame for a photo – on the glass – I’m using Vodka to remove it! Not putting it on my husband’s scalp!

    • And don’t put it in your eye, either! :=)
      (New product use suggestions should always carry warnings, you know!)
      As a nurse, now you’ll have a head’s up (scalp up?) if you see red skin rash and red eye. It might be something else, but you can start with vodka and chili pepper!

  2. So, no good for my bald (spot) then, Great story And I’ll bet Missy Barrett never uses it on the shower curtain bottle, tumbler, lips, Cheers

    • Well, actually, you could used it on your bald spot, but only if you first take a stiff drink of vodka (without chili powder or tabasco sauce in in). If you do try it,let us know how it works. It might do a whole lot better someplace other than Kansas.
      ;=) Thanks, Tom!

  3. Molly

    Well, Grandma was always one for finding different uses for many different things. Old gallon milk containers with the top cut off for “puke” containers – or a starter place for seeds. Old bath towels sewn together down the sides to make pool cover ups. The baking soda from the fridge then used to brush teeth with. Re-using little squares of aluminum foil to wrap the daily vitamins/pills – and Grandma was shiny side out, Grandpa was dull side out. Sooooo many fun – perhaps unusual- and creative things that Grandma came up with…..I love that Grandma of mine!!!!!

    • Okay, kiddo, you are going to be a guest blogger soon and tell us all the tidbit memories you have as my mother’s only granddaughter. I do remember that after you’d been with her for a visit, if Grandma couldn’t recall where she’d put something, she would call and ask if you knew. You always amazed us, you little snoop. You’d say, “Grandma, it’s in the guest room, bottom drawer of the bureau, under the scarves and gloves at the back,” or some such detail. Nothing was ever moved or missing, just catalogued in your kid’s mind in case Grandma forgot. You two were always two peas in a pod, and though she doesn’t remember those wonderful stories now, we do.

  4. What a great post. Thanks, Marylin. My mom and I used to conduct “experiments” too. 🙂

    • And even though they never changed the world, they certainly changed how we looked at the world…as a testing ground for possibilities. My dad used to say that, and I liked it.

  5. irene

    that was good my mom always made up funny stuff like that brings back great memories

    • irene

      that was good my mom always made up funny stuff like that brings back great memories. For instance i remember my mom having us rub garlic on our nails so that they can grow nice and strong. Many years later when we got old we laughed at it and said our nails grew because the were so stinky we didn’t dare touch anything so we were not able to break them. Or shaving babies head and putting tomatoes for their hair to grow. funny ha! The thing we come up with

  6. Zack

    Moms first cheesecake crust was accidentally made with salt instead of sugar. So when the family decided to eat, the crust was inedible. She was only thirteen at the time.

    • What a great “mom” story (even though she was just a girl; the stories of our moms before they were our moms give us new insights!)
      Salt instead of sugar, Zack. What a trade.
      Thanks for sharing this.

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