MOM, MOTHER, MUM, MOMMIE (and Dads, too)

When I began this blog in August of 2011, my primary goal was to record memories, stories, pictures and lessons from my mother’s life. I wanted her to be remembered by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren  long after dementia had erased her memories. But as the blog grew, so did responses from all of you. You entered writing contests based on my mother’s types of writing, and you shared your stories in the comment boxes. As I read your blogs I learned  about you, your mothers, fathers and families,  and your struggles and joys in parenting your parents and your grandchildren. Thank you all for sharing the challenges and solutions of your remarkable lives.

I was genuinely touched to receive the ABC Award for Awesome Blog Content, especially since it came from a blog site I respect tremendously. begins with an opening quote on its home page that reminds me of my mother’s philosophy about having a child, which became my philosophy and then also my daughter’s:

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.” (Elizabeth Stone)

As a recipient of the ABC Award, I am proud to recommend the new blog of a very talented writer. Nancy Parker Brummett is the author of many published books and articles, and I’ve been a long-time fan of her “Back Porch Break.” Recently, to set up a forum for reader comments and interaction, she expanded her website to include a blog of wonderful essays.

Visit and click on BLOG.  Two of my favorites are “My Mother’s Hands” and “When The Roles Reverse.”

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who know what it is to love and care for other generations, and are willing to share your stories. Truly, we are all in this together.

(below: statue of children reading, Abilene Public Library, Abilene, KS)



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10 responses to “MOM, MOTHER, MUM, MOMMIE (and Dads, too)

  1. Nancy Parker Brummett

    Thank you so much, Marylin!! And congratulations on your well-deserved award!!

  2. You are just the winningest winner all over the place. Congratulations. (oh lord, you’re killing me here, but I will be good…)

    Big smiley faces all the way around!

    • Feast or famine. And talk about two opposites. My mom would NOT like “The Truth About Camels and Ducks”–she would shake her head and wonder where those children’s parents were. Hmm, in some ways, the two are connected. If I’d done what the characters did, Mom would have hung me out to dry!
      Thanks, Jaye.

  3. Congrats to you. This is an awesome tribute to your mother.

    • You’re always so supportive, Kellie, and I appreciate that so much. Over the phone, when I try to tell Mom about the award, she doesn’t hear, and she thinks it’s the ABCs game. I’ll see her in a few weeks and explain in person how this is a wonderful tribute to her and the life she lives.

  4. Anna Marie Wray

    Congratulations, Marylin. You deserve the award. God bless you for the love you show to your mother.

  5. Your award is wonderful, Marylin. Congratulations!
    I am busily going through my years of accumulation to pare down belongings for our move in ten months, so I have been watching your blog from afar.
    The anniversary of my mother’s death is coming up on May 12, when it will be 5 years. I am reminded of that event by the tulips every spring–although they are a month early this year in Pennsylvania. I was painting tulips in my back yard in 2007, when I got the call that Mother was close to death, so that painting has some very special meaning for me.
    In this season I’m also reminded of the Easter lilies I sent to Mom every Easter for at least ten years while she lived in Tennessee. Only when Mom was three weeks from her death did I learn with astonishment that she was quite allergic to the flowers. A nurse kept removing them from her room (where I placed them) to a window outside, and I finally asked why! Mom had always told me that they were so pretty, she loved to share them with everyone on the hall.

    • I’m still smiling about the lilies, Karen. Oh, the things we do because we think they’ll bring job and be helpful! But your mom had a wonderful attitude about sharing them with everyone in the hall! Thanks for sharing this.

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