If you read my mother’s poem, “My Hobby,” you know she didn’t like fishing. But she wrote a poem about trying the fishing derby–which didn’t really exist, but made a good story–and then going back to reading her book. That was her poem.

Imagine the people listed in these pictures: David Wallace impersonating George Washington AND posing with a Flat Grace paper doll; me, shivering on an icy path on Colorado’s Helen Hunt Falls; my husband Jim posing with his granddaughter’s Flat Grace paper doll project under Balanced Rock in the Garden of the Gods.

These aren’t things we especially wanted to do, especially in the winter, but if we had to write short poems about the experiences, we would keep them light, fast, and probably embellished for interest.

Have fun with this contest!  There is NO entry fee but there are CASH PRIZES, plus you have an extra day to write in February this month.  Talk about a good omen!  Rhymed, free verse, haikus, limericks–your choice.  But please count your words and keep the total at 50 or fewer.  Give your poem a “Title”–it doesn’t count in the total word count–and write the poem in the comment section under this blog (or the comment section of the February Contest Instructions in the Menu Bar).  If you’ll please sign your first name under the poem, and the state where you live, it will help us log in the entries for the judges.

Pretend my sweet 93-year-old mother is smiling at you, waving her hand, and saying, “Oh, go ahead, darlin’, you can do it. Write a poem!”

(Contest ends Wednesday, February 29, 2012, at midnight, Mountain Time)



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  1. Molly

    Grandma would totally encourage everyone to at least try…this contest is like everything else in life….the worst thing that can happen by trying is not winning…but the best thing that can happen is to win………..We all need to step out of our box and try new things……


    • And you know what your grandmother would also say if you didn’t win? She would smile and give you a hug and tell you that sometimes the best thing that happens is the good feeling that comes from trying your best and making yourself do something new that kind of scares you.
      That’s Grandma–before the dementia she always had a word of encouragement–and when I watch you with students, Molly, I see the same thing in you.

  2. Great post today thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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  3. I Like this site
    It makes me smile
    Smiling makes me feel better even when I am not down
    Mums and Daughters and Sons too with Dad’s who are sometimes the glue
    This is what this site reminds me of, happiness that I did not always have
    Happiness should be for everyone and not just for some

    • I’m so glad you like this site, Tom, and it makes you smile. You’re one of my very favorite “in another country” bloggers, and if my site does these good things for you, thanks for telling me because it makes me happy.
      You’re now entered in the contest.

  4. Title: Wrinkles

    Being older than rust but able to say you’re so happy,
    That the laugh lines creased beyond your face,
    And bathed your entire body,
    No wrinkles for you,
    Just folds and folds of happy tails,
    Destroying the gloom that life couldn’t rake across the face of time.

    By Jeremie Guy, Virginia.

  5. If I win, give the prize to the first kid you bump into who looks glum 🙂

  6. Molly

    Tom, can you define “KID” and “GLUM”….like would a 33 year old who is tired from being a Mom and a full time coordinator of an Adult Education Program count??? LOL!!!!

    Ok. just kidding…..nice poem!!

  7. rhonda lasha

    Harry had a troubled life
    He wanted a wife
    He had joined the wrong crowd
    Thenhe found self respect and became proud
    Harry went into the marines
    It was always his dream
    From boot camp to his death
    Then he was layed to rest

  8. And here is an entry from Vivian–I picked it up on her blog and transferred here:

    Childhood often invades adult life.
    Fears laid down early create later strife.
    Afraid of adventure and trying new things,
    Mom constantly cautioned: Be careful! Life stings!
    To conquer that panic is my fervent wish.
    I’ve parasailed, skydived and swum with the fish.

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