I admire Susan Shuman’s variety of insights and wealth of information in her blog– –so when she informed me of her endorsement of the 7×7 Link Award for my blog, Things I Want To Tell My Mother, I was both grateful and honored.

As part of the award I’ve been requested to identify up to 7 of my favorite blog entries.  My posts are listed in the sidebar to the right. I’m partial to them all, but among my favorites are “Rules, Ponies and Smiles,” “Our Word for 2012: Huckleberries,” “Birthday Sugar,” and “Best Friends.”

There are many bloggers who inspire me and make my day with their creative, helpful and entertaining blogs, and they deserve numerous awards, including the 7×7.  I especially recommend the following:   



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10 responses to “THE 7×7 LINK AWARD

  1. Ah, this is so nice. I love it when people recognize your magnificence! It always puts my day on the warm and hopeful track when I get to read your posts. Keep up the good work, m’dear.

  2. Nancy Brummett

    You continue to rock the blogging world, Marylin! Congrats!!

  3. Well-deserved award to a special lady! Congratulations!

  4. Happy Momma

    An award that couldn’t have gone to a better blog…………GREAT JOB………….

  5. Andrea

    wow…..This is so nice…..Wonderful

  6. Elizabeth Lackey

    This is very nice. Your doing a good job keep it up.

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