Meatloaf Recipe

Cupcakes make your mouth water?

Fix this meatloaf tonight for a real treat!

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One response to “Meatloaf Recipe

  1. Nancy Gibbs

    For a few weeks, since the last time our writers group met, I have wondered when your birthday is, Marylin. You always remember ours, but I didn’t know when yours was. Last week, as we were heading out your door at the end of our round table, I remembered to ask. “Last week,” you said. I believe your delight in eating cup cakes with your mother reached me in Colorado, like those wonderful moments between generations often do, just ideas drifting in the window, smelling like something good baking in the oven. I would even go so far as to say that as you licked your fingers and chuckled with your mom, I was wondering when we are to honor this woman who fills the lazy susan each Wednesday with homemade delights and allots thirty-five minutes to each of us to grow into the writers you encourage us to be. Thank you! Thank you! Now, I must go catch up. I am behind several entries.

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